The State Of The Nation June 2012

Kevin Felts blogger and survivalistHas anyone looked around and paid attention to the state of our nation?

Our manufacturing base has been shipped to china
College education is more expensive then ever
Cost is up, and the quality of a college education is down
Big business gets to ramrod just about whatever law they want through congress
The war in the middle east is over a decade old
2012 presidential elections looks like its going to be between tweedle dee and tweedle dum
Housing has reached a point where everyday working people can not afford to buy
Wall street needs to bailed out from time to time, while the government ignores the people needing help
Health care is more expensive then ever
Legal drugs like bath salts are poisoning our youth
U.S. gubberment tries to declare war on its own people with laws like NDAA
U.S. imperialism is encroaching ever closer to Russia and China
With the factories gone, we are running short on skilled labor
National debt is increasing faster then a kid with mommies credit card in a toy store
Prices have been increasing faster then wages.

Housing Bubble

I think we need to talk about prices for a little bit, and especially home prices. When the housing bubble was going from the early 2000s to around 2008, home prices doubled, tripled and then quadrupled. But yet wages stayed the same. How can something justify such price increases? People need to use a little common sense. When something is doubling in price, something is wrong – especially when it comes to a life essential. Housing is essential, unless you like living in a cardboard box.

House flippers and banks ripped people off for almost a decade, and what did people do? They thought it was a good thing.

Crug – I bought this house 6 months ago and the value has tripled, I think I am going to take out a home equity loan and take a vacation
Doug – your house is in a bubble, there is no way its worth that much
Crug – I can always sell home home
Doug – yea, keep believing that
POP (the sound of the housing bubble)
Crug – my home is worth half its value
Doug – dumbass, I told you what was going to happen

After the housing bubble popped, who knows how many millions of people owe more on their home then it is worth. Good job buying into the get rich quick hype.

Civil Unrest

People with nothing to lose will take desperate measures.

The 20 something generation has gone into college loan debt and are unable to find jobs. But then again, when you spend $100k on a useless degree, what do you expect? College counselors have turned into nothing more then predatory capitalist.

As the economic situation turns worse, I look for more protest to erupt, and more violent protest.

Its just a matter of time before the U.S. sees violent protest like what has been seen in Europe.

We Can Not Longer Afford Welfare Entitlements

There is a time bomb in the United States, and that time bomb is the generations that have been raised on welfare entitlements.

Welfare was never intended to be a way of life, but that is exactly what is has become. The United States gubberment can not afford (or rather the tax payers can not afford) to take care of people who are too lazy to work. Sooner or later something will have to give.

If you want to see some real civil unrest, kick the millions of welfare leeches off the system.

We can not afford to keep welfare going, but we can not afford to kick the welfare parasites off the system either.

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