Disparity of Justice

survivalistAnyone notice how the U.S. justice system discriminates depending on your social status?

Send a threatening letter to the president of the U.S. and the secret service pays you a visit.

Send a threatening letter to an everyday citizen, and nobody gives a crap.

Once a crime crosses a state line, the local police do not have the resources, nor is it worth their time to do anything.

If only the police went to those same measures for everyday citizens. A few years ago someone stole a boatmotor off my boat, the police barely made a report on the theft. I guess if you are a bank for company you get special treatment.

Look at the example of the police in Aurora, Colorado stopping all of the cars at an intersection, and handcuffing everyone while looking for a bank robber.

It would have been nice if the police would have done that for my boat motor. But it was just a boat motor, so who cares.

A couple of years ago someone stole a set of truck rims from behind my house. I had planned on using the rims on my bar-b-q pit. I did not even report the rims missing, because I knew the cops would not give a crap.

But steal something from the local china-mart, and the cops throw you down.

Where is the equal justice in that?

A bank calls the cops, and a whole fleet of cars shows up.

A citizen calls the cops, and who knows how long its going to take for the police to show up.

How about everytime a car is stolen the police setup roadblocks?

Someone shoots at the White House, law enforcement finds him pretty quick.  But how many driveby shootings happen to everyday citizens and nobody is arrested?