Locking the doors

survivalistOver the past few months I have gotten in the habit of locking the doors during the day.  The doors have always been locked at night.  But here lately I have been keeping the doors locked during the middle of the day.

Security is not a serious concern during the day.  My wife and I live in a low crime rate area.  There is rarely, if ever, a serious crime around here.

The doors are locked to set a boundary line between my wife and I, and the rest of the world.

Boundaries are an important part of life.  Even though millions of illegal immigrants do not care about boundaries, that does not mean the rest of us do not give a crap.

We face boundaries everyday.  Think about the boundaries we face on a daily basis.  There are boundaries on the road, at the job, in relationships, while shopping,,, everything we do is somehow limited by a boundary.

So why shouldn’t my front door be a well defined boundary line?

An unlocked door is like a yield sign.

A locked door is like a stop sign, as a locked door forces people on the outside to stop.

Yield signs only work when the other party respects the sign.  Awhile back my wife and I had an issue with our kids walking into our house without knocking. If my wife and I decide to bury the bone in the middle of the living room floor, we should not be interrupted by someone walking in the front door. This is our home, nobody has the right to walk into my home without our permission.

Locking the doors forces those on the outside to respect a boundary line.

For people who refuse to respect a yield sign, lock the door. That forces them to stop, knock and then ask permission to enter the home.

The locked doors provides a sense of security.  Locking the door says that this is my home, and you “will not” just walk in without my permission.

A locked door is like a fence line.  The door defines a boundary line between my safe and secure area, and the rest of the world.