Grilling on Memorial day weekend

Memorial Day CookoutMemorial day is the day we should take a little time out of our busy schedules to thank those that served this great nation. If it were not for those that are willing to lay down their lives, the rest of us would not have the freedoms we enjoy in our everyday lives.

What are you cooking for Memorial Day?

My wife and I started thursday evening when we put the ribs in a marinate. A slab of pork ribs were cut up into sections with 3 ribs each.

Saturday morning the pit was fired up with oak wood.

The pit was given about an hour to heat up, then the ribs were put on.

2 1/2 hours later the pork chops and chicken legs were put on.

About an hour before everything was supposed to come off the pit, the boudin, sausage and hot dogs for the kids were put on the grill.

Memorial day is more then just having some friends over and having a BBQ. This is the time when we should reflect on the sacrifices others have made for us.

Let us not forget our forefathers who volunteered to protect this nation.

Where would be be today if the volunteer militia had not taken up arms against the British during the revolutionary war?

Where would Texas be if no volunteers showed up at the Alamo?

Where would we be if Andrew Jackson and his volunteers decided not to fight for New Orleans?

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