Prison of your mind

survivalistWould you believe me if I told you were in prison right now?  For the most part of your life you have been in prison, a prison of your mind.

Where did this prison come from?  Our prison comes from our society and our culture.  Our prison are the things that we “think” we have to do.  We have to go to school, we have to go to college (and go into student debt), we have to buy a home or rent and stay in debt, we have to buy a car (more debt), we have to have children, we have to pay taxes, we have to celebrate predefined holidays – christmas, easter, valentines day,,,, and so on.

There are different levels of prisons, with some being worse then others.

The worst prison we put ourselves in, is the prison of debt

Debt is a parasite that slowly sucks the life out of its victim.  But for some reason we have been taught that we should go into debt.  Why does society think we should use credit cards, why should we buy a new car, why do we have to buy a fancy home, why do we have to live at the edge of our means?

If you listen to the experts on the economy, the more money people save, the worse the economy. Our economy is driven by people spending money. Spending money is what we should not be doing, we should be saving money.

We spend money, we run pout of money, we ask a bank for a loan, the bank then has control over our lives. Get behind on a car note, or house note, you can find yourself in dire straits.

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By going into debt, we put ourselves into a form of debtors prison, but its not a physical prison. Its a form of prison where the person has to the lender.

I do not know about you, but I do not like answering to anyone. I am a freeman, as I answer only to the laws of the land, and not to a lender.

If you have to answer to a lender, then you are not a free person.

Having to answer to a lender is a prison that we put ourselves in.

Some people have no option but to put themselves in prison, such as an illness that puts them into debt, or having to take a loan to buy a car.

What is true freedom

True freedom comes from not having to answer to anyone but the government.

Freedom is not having to ask a Property Owners Association (POA) if you can have a shed in the backyard.

True freedom comes from GOD, and not from man.

Freedom comes from living debt free.

Wage slaves

when people go into debt, they turn themselves into wage slaves. Wage slaves are the people who “have” to work in order to live.

A free man owns his home, he owns his land, he owns everything in his possession.

How many people say “If I do not go to work today, I can not pay my house note”. Ask yourself, does that sound like something a free-person would say?

Someone in prison can not come and go as they want.

Freemen come and go as they please.

A wage slave is tied to his or her job because they are indebted to a lender.

Losing money through interest

Do you like to lose money? Then why do people want to take a loan and pay interest? If you are paying interest, you are losing money.

This means that taking a loan is a double edged sword. Not only do you have to answer to the lender, but you are losing money through interest and late fees.

Loyalty as a form of slavery

Are you loyal to a job, loyal to a political party, loyal to a sports team, loyal to a brand name, loyal to your government,,,, are you loyal to anyone or anything besides your GOD, friends and family?

Worshiping money does not count as a religion. Nor is money a GOD.

What is important in life? GOD / religion first, Family second, friends third.

Do you vote for a certain political party, but yet do not understand “why” you “have” to vote the way you do? If you vote for the same party over and over, and hope for real change, then you are a slave to the political party you vote for.

Slaves do not understand “why” they do certain things, they just do it. Salves do what they are told with no questions asked.

Freemen vote for the best qualified person and ignores the political party. This also means that freemen vote for someone besides the big two parties.

Political slavery / party loyalty has caused the U.S. to get into the situation its in. Voting for the same party over and over has allowed corrupt politicians to ruin our government.

Do you spend your hard earned money on brand name clothes? Do you realize that the brand name clothes turn you into a walking bill board? If anything, brand names should pay you to advertise their products.

Time to go eat lunch.