A Nation of Waste and Gluttony

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorThe U.S. has turned into a nation of waste and Gluttony.

We probably throw away more food at buffet bars then some families see in a month.

We spend as much money on weddings as our homes cost. When did it become “ok” to have a wedding that cost, $20k, $30k, or even $50 thousand dollars?

We buy vehicles that cost almost as much as our homes.

Our children are spoiled with the latest and greatest of electronic toys.

Obesity is turning into an epidemic.

A record number people are receiving government assistance.

We give our jobs to china so we can exploit cheap labor.

We allow illegal immigrants into the nation so they can do backbreaking work few others want to do.

We turn to the government to fix our problems.

Our children have the newest brand name shoes built in overseas sweatshops.

When did it become ok to own a home larger then what you needed? Just because you can afford a mini-mansion does not mean you need one.

What happened to people knowing the difference between a want and a need?

There was once a time when people were frugal with their money. There was once a time when money had value, and people wanted to save their money.

Even if I had a million dollars, $50k on a wedding is wasteful.

This wedding is an example of what is wrong with society. We have grown fat, lazy and wasteful. Some people spend more money on a wedding, then others make in a decade.

In an era when around 1/3 of homeowners are underwater in their mortgages, when unemployment is having serious affects on our culture, when cities are falling into bankruptcy, people throw outlandish weddings.

I find it disgusting (to say the least), that people throw their wealth around like its nothing.

You have $25, $30k, $50k just laying around and need something to do with it, give it to a homeless shelter. Let that money go to some good use besides trying to impress someone.

There was once a time when people were modest with their money. Or at least they were taught to be modest.

Its like the people who spend $40k on an expensive 4X4 truck, but have no need for a truck. The truck and its price tag are nothing more then a status statement. They are saying nothing more then “look everyone, I am dumb enough to buy an expensive truck when I don’t need one”.

How many people drive by the homeless person in our fancy car, talking on their cell phone, and somehow justify not giving someone in need a single dollar.


We have become a nation who has forgotten the rough times.  Well, maybe not forgotten as most of us know stories of the Great Depression.

Surely we have become a nation who in recent memory has not know hard times. Because of this we go to a buffet bar and waste more food in one sitting then some people will see in a week.

Access to instant gratification has created a culture of waste like the world has never seen before.