Why the United States is a third world country

survivalistThis article is not trying to debate “if” we are a third world country.  I am here to make the statement, “The United States “is” a third world country”. If you think the U.S. is a world leader, you are partially right and wrong. We are a world leader in technology and military weapons. What about other stuff, such as taking care of our children and our elderly?   What about internet access?  How does the US rank in simple stuff, like health care for all citizens regardless of income levels?

Infant Mortality Rate

The U.S. currently ranks 35th in the world for infant mortality rates. Think about that for a minute, 35th, and we are supposed to be a world leader? Heck, North Korea and Cuba both have a lower infant mortality rate then the U.S. Cuba, which has an an embargo against it for as long as I can remember has a lower infant mortality rate then the U.S.

The U.S. currently ranks #14 GDP (nominal) per capita.

Japan ranks #18 in GDP (nominal) per capita, but has a lower infant mortality rate then the U.S.

Iceland ranks #22 in GDP (nominal) per capita,, but has a lower infant mortality rate then the U.S.

Cuba ranks #88 in GDP (nominal) per capita where the U.S. ranks #14, but Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate.

Having a baby? Want to improve its chance of living? Then move to Cuba.

As much as I love this great nation, we have a long ways to improve in infant care. But then again, we can not place the blame on the doctors, we need to partially blame the parents. How much training in taking care of newborns do parents receive?

Universal Healthcare

Can a homeless person in the U.S. walk into a doctors office and get healthcare? If not, why not?\

Why isn’t Universal Healthcare available to all U.S. citizens?

Why is the U.S. ranking with third world nations in providing some kind of health care for its citizens? If most developed nations in the world have some kind of healthcare, what is the problem with the U.S.?

Internet Access

According to wikipedia, 79% of the U.S. population has internet access. Once again, South Korea edges us out with 83.70% of the population having internet access. Heck, even 85.00% of the United Kingdom has internet access.

What the hell is our problem that we are not a world leader in providing internet access to our citizens? It seems that companies would rather squeeze every penny they can out of something, then to upgrade their technology.


What kind of safety does the U.S. have for its elderly? We provide social security, and medicare, but what about assistance for food, water bill, electric bill, home owners insurance, flood insurance.

Every summer it seems that there is some elderly person on the local news that needs assistance with their electric bill. Why the hell do we all our seniors to get into situations where they have to pick what bill they are going to pay?

We, our society, should be ashamed of how we treat people like they are disposable razors. Start getting a little dull? Time to throw it away and get a new one. People are not razors, and we are not disposable. No person is our society is disposable, no person in our society should be discarded, no person should be put in a room and forgotten.

Why has our society progressed to the point where we push our elderly to the side? Maybe its in the name of progress? Maybe its because we do not want to spend the money to take care of our elderly?

I think its because we are selfish. Who wants to take care of old people when we have roads and bridges to build?

On the other hand, if the U.S. has money to send overseas, why dont we have money to spend on those that need it here in the U.S.?

Criticism of the U.S.

There seems to be a common consensus, if you do not like the U.S., leave. I love my country. But I do not love the capitalist greed that goes with it.

Why do we have to have unbridled greed?

Why does the lust for money override basic human compassion?

Capitalism in its purest form works no better them communism or socialism. I am not criticizing the U.S., I am criticizing the lust for money that most U.S. citizens exhibit. There are better things in life then loving money.

There is a difference in loving money, and making money. The problem is, a lot of people can not tell the difference.