Why do we do what we do

survivalistThe age old question, why do we act the way we do? If you have spent any time with other people, you have met someone that is stubborn or so hardheaded that they are difficult to deal with. If you say something, they are ready to tell you how wrong you are. Lets back up a little bit, “why” do people act like that? Why are people stubborn and resistant to change?

Why do we make the decisions that we do?

Why do we act the way we do?

Why does society act the way it does?

Why do we pay taxes like we do?

Why do we vote the way we do?

Why are some cultures in a constant state of conflict?

Why are some cultures in a constant state of peace?

Why are people resistant to change?

Why do we vote the same two failed political parties into office over and over?

Are cultures defined by money, sex, religion, greed,,, all of them, none of them, maybe some of them?

Being stubborn

As I write this article I am 44 years old. I have yet to figure out why people are so hard-headed and resistant to change? Mankind did not survive the last ice age by not adapting. Being stubborn does not allow for flexibility or adaptability.

What does it say about us as a species when our answer to change is “that is the way we have always done it”?

Someone comes up with an improved idea on how to do something, and the first thing someone says is “that is a bad idea, and this is why its a bad idea,,,”. Or the good ole “we have done it this way for 100 years, there is no use in changing now”.

Changes to the environment

Thirty thousands years ago mammoth herds are getting rare. Someone says “maybe we should hunt somewhere else?”. The reply is “we have hunted here as long as I can remember, why change now?”. Maybe that is why Neanderthals became extinct?

As our environment changes, as our financial becomes crippled with greed, as our governments become increasingly corrupt, why are people so resistant to change? Why are we resistant to green technology, why are resistant to developing to technology to curve pollution?

My opinion, I think the greatest challenge to developing green technology is the cost. Or rather, how much green technology is going to cut into the profits of the oil companies. Everyone likes making money, but at what expense? Do we sacrifice the environment to make money? If so, what are future generations supposed to do?

Some of our polluted sites might take tens of thousands of years to becomes safe. What are humans supposed to do during that time? A lot can change in 10,000 years. We know very little about human culture past 6,000 years ago. We are leaving these polluted sites to harm the health of generations to come, and for what, to make money?


Why are people so stubborn, so hardheaded about voting for the same two political parties over and over?

Is has been clear for close to 100 years that the democrats and republicans are corrupt, so why do people keep voting those two same parties into office?

President William Howard Taft (a Republican) proposed a 2% federal income tax.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Democratic) outlawed the private ownership of gold with Executive Order 6102.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Democratic) ordered the Army to detain 100,000 Japanese American civilians in camps with no due process of law.
George H. W. Bush (a Republican) negotiated free trade agreements.
Bill Clinton (a Democratic) signed the free trade agreements.
George W. Bush (a Republican) invaded a country (Iraq) and overthrew its government.
obama (a Democratic) signed the NDAA which allows the government to indefinitely detain US citizens with no due process of law.

Both the democrats and the republicans have shown they will not act in the best interest of the people, but yet they are voted into office over and over. Why is that? Why are people so resistant to voting for a political party besides the major two?

I believe it goes back to the “afraid of change” issue.

Lets take that one step further, “why” are people so afraid of change?

How did humans make it this far?

The wheel? That is a stupid idea.
Fire? We have animal skins to keep us warm.
Buildings? Why build something when we have caves?
Clothes? Why make clothes when we can walk around naked?
Viruses? No living organism can be that small.
Airplanes? If GOD had intended man to fly, we would have wings.
Clean renewable fuels? Why develop clean fuels when we have so much oil?

With people being so resistant to change, how did we ever make it this far? How did we ever make it past the ice age, much less the stone age?

No other option

If there is something that will force our hand, and force change, it will be when we have no other options.

When that early human was sitting around a camp fire with nothing to eat, members of the group starving, maybe that was when they decided it was time to find new hunting grounds.

What happens when people are losing the race for their existence, and they still refuse to change? That is where we are at with the environment and the U.S. government.

The environment is in bad shape. In most parts of the world we can not eat the fish due to mercury. For some reason we are turning a blind eye to the impact the human race is having on the planet.

The U.S. government is in so much debt, there is no way we can ever hope to pay the bill. Sooner or later “something” is going to have to give. When something does give, people are not going to like what happens.

This brings up another question, why do people wait until they have no other option? Do we hope the problem will magically fix itself, or do we hope the problem will just go away?

Maybe its a trait from thousands of years ago when the hungry lions prowled the outside of caves humans occupied? Maybe our ancestors huddled in fear hoping the predators would simply “go away”?

Maybe our species has not evolved to far past our primitive traits? We are a selfish species that only thinks of ourselves, with little care given to future generations or how our actions affect those around us.

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