The government should subsidize daycare

survivalistIf the government truly wanted to help the middle class, why not subsidize daycare?

I know families that are forced to make a decision, the mom stay at home with the children, or pay just about everything she makes to daycare.

My step daughter was working for a local doctors office. When she added everything up, just about every penny she made was going to daycare. What incentive do people in that situation have to stay in the work force?

I hate to say this, but when the mother stops working, their income level drops so that the family could draw food stamps. With 2 children, my step daughter was right at the border of drawing food stamps.

Should the government subsidize daycare and let people work, or subsidize food stamps and let people stay home?

At least in the work force they are paying something in social security, hopefully paying something into medicare/medicaid and contributing something to society.

For single mothers that work minimum wage jobs, daycare eats up their entire paycheck.

Why should single moms go to work only to give daycare their pay check?

Then there is the college question. How is a single mother supposed to work, go to college, if she does not get help with the kids?

It seems to me that women (and single dads) are locked into a trap of poverty.

How is a single mom that works a full time job supposed to go to college if she does not have help with the children?

Most daycare facilities close at say 6pm? So that rules out taking night classes at the local college.

Its not just moms, there are a lot of single dads out there that need help as well.

Most people do not make a decision to live in poverty.

We have the food stamp and public housing programs, but neither one helps lift the families out of poverty.

We already provide public housing, food stamps and health care for people below the poverty level.

Why not provide daycare so the people that want to work can?

Providing day care would allow low income families to take responsibility by providing a path for financial gain.

A single parent with 2 children, working an $8 – $10 an hour job, day care is going to eat up the majority of that persons pay check.

What is the incentive to even go to work, if your pay check is going to day care?

Take the cost of day care out of the equation, this frees up money for people to buy a car, buy food, have a little extra money to spend.

Up to a certain income level, people are better off staying in low income housing and drawing food stamps then going to work.

One of the biggest economic factors preventing low wage earners from working is day care.

Would you rather someone stay at home playing on the internet, or have that person flipping burgers, or stocking the shelves at the local grocery store?

Even if the person is earning minimum wage, its better then earning no wage at all.

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