Beware the conspiracy theory trap

Conspiracy theories are like a disease, once they a foothold, they spread like wildfire. Unlike a virus, people have a choice whether they want to be infected with a conspiracy theory.

In the 1990s conspiracy theories spread like wildfire. But the gubberment supplied plenty of fuel for those fires. We had NAFTA, GATT, Waco an Ruby Ridge to help fan the flames of conspiracy theories.

When bill clinton did a flip flop on NAFTA, a lot of people saw that as a sign that big business had bought the U.S. government. Here we are 18 years after NAFTA was signed, and not much has changed. Big business still owns the U.S. government, the banks still get bailed out and wall street still gets bailed out from time to time.

As long as the 2 major parties stay in control, nothing is ever going to change, so there is no use in worrying about it.

Do not spend time worrying about things you can not change. You can not change the way people vote, so there is no use in hoping for real change.

Has anything in government changed in the past 20+ years? We still have free trade, china still has favored trade status, we still have millions of illegal immigrants, we still anchor babies, drugs are still a problem. What has government done in the past 25 years that was different then in the past 50 years?

In the 1950s, 60s, 70s and early 1980s we were fighting the communist.

In the 1990s, 2000s and now the 2010s we are fighting terrorist.

Since the end of world War II we have been in some kind of stand off with “someone”. Why cant we live in peace with other nations?

In the 1990s it seemed that things reached a head with Waco and the Oklahoma bombing incident.  The gubberment changing its story on Waco and the dead child helped fan the flames of government hate.  When you see tanks ramming a building that is on fire with children inside, its a little difficult not to get angry.

Then there was the Ruby Ridge / Randy Weaver incident.  When a government agent shoots and kills an unarmed woman holding a child, and the shooter is not prosecuted, the conspiracy theories really went wild.

Some of the theories going around said Waco and Ruby ridge were staged to see how the public would react to martial law.

All I know is that innocent people died, and nobody went to prison over it.

Voting for the same two parties over and over

For the past couple of hundred years we have been voting the same parties into power over and over. The question is “why” do we vote for only two parties? Ask yourself that question, why dont you vote for someone besides the big two?

And we wonder “why” the U.S. is in the shape it is? All you have to do is look at the voters.

After billy boy did a flip flop on NAFTA, I knew that both of the big two parties were nothing more then a bunch of liars. If you want real change, you are going to have to vote like it.

Why do conspiracy theories exist

Because people are not willing to accept they voted idiots into office.

Because people are not willing to vote different.

Because people can not think outside the box.

Because people are not willing to take the blame for their actions.

The government is corrupt, but its not my fault because I vote for the best people for the job. If you are voting for the big 2 parties, you are part of the problem.

Conspiracy theories exist because we do not want to take the blame for our failed government. It must have something to do with big business or the UN corrupting the government.

Once the conspiracy theory infection sets in

If you allow it, conspiracy theories will consume your life.

In the 1990s I allowed the the infection of conspiracy theories to set in, and as a result my life was consumed.  I watched the local ports for ships transporting U.N. troops., my buddies and I talked about what is going to happen when the U.N. invades the U.S.

After bill clinton was re-elected, I realized that there was no hope.  There was no use in worrying about something that I can not change.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, live your life and be happy.

Life is too short to live in fear.

When I realized that conspiracy theories were consuming my life, I stopped listening to the stories and went on with my life.

Free Trade

Think free trade is good thing? Think cheap products that were made in china is a good thing?

Think again.

After factories are closed and demolished, the value of the property goes down, this means less tax dollars brought in through school and property taxes. With less property and school taxes brought in from businesses, the tax burden is being shifted to homeowners. Do you ever wonder why your property taxes are so high? Maybe its related to the businesses shutting down and moving to china. Someone has to pay for the schools, since John Doe and company laid off a few hundred workers and moved to china, “someone” has to pickup the bill.

Trucks bringing supplies to factories buy fuel and other items at local stores.

When the news says that a factory is closing, the people do not realize the ripple effect that has through the community.

In Orange, Port Arthur and Beaumont Texas, there were several shipyards that shutdown in the early 1980s. Somewhere around 10,000 workers lost their jobs. Close to 5,000 of those people worked at one company.

30 years later, the area has yet to fully recover. In the early 1980s young people (early 20s) could go to work in a shipyard and make $13 and hour. These days that same age bracket works at the local big box mart / china mart for $8 an hour.

Figure up how much money has been lost in the local economy over the past 30 years by going from $13, $14,,, $16 an hour to $8 an hour.

In 1999, the southeast Texas region had the second highest unemployment rate in Texas, El Paso was first place. Keep in mind, just 20 years earlier (1979), shipbuilding companies were begging people to come to work.

There is more to free trade then meets the eye; its slowly destroying our wages, our cities, our schools,,,,, and our way of life.

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