How things can change over time

survivalistThere was once a time when we had to get up from our chair, or off the couch, walk over to the TV and turn the channel knob by hand. If you were lucky, the antenna picked up 4 or 5 channels. For most people, we only had 3 channels to choose from.

Today, we have satellite provided TV with hundreds of channels.

There was once a time if you wanted something to eat, you had to cook it. No microwaves, no TV dinners, now 3 minute meals. If you wanted chicken, you went into the chicken yard, got a chicken, whacked its head off with a hatchet, plucked, cleaned and then cooked the chicken.

Over the past 40 years, what has happened to our society

Men are no longer men. If we talk about manly things, we are told we are not sensitive enough.

Women are no longer women. Whatever happened to women keeping themselves slim and trim, so that she stayed attractive to her husband? Whatever happened to women breastfeeding the new baby.

What has happened to our society that we can not send the kids do the street to play without adult supervision. Barely a day goes by that news does not talk about a child being kidnapped, raped and murdered.

What is wrong with people these days?

If you want an example of what our nation is coming to, here is an example – an assailant entered the home of an elderly couple, raped the woman and beat the man. The husband was a D-Day veteran who served in the 101st Airborne.

Why would anyone in their right state of mind break into a home, much less assault an elderly couple?

When I was 3, 4, 5 years old, my great grandparents slept with their windows open at night. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of something outside the home. It was probably an opossum, or an armadillo rooting for grubs.

These days, people are afraid to sleep with their windows unlocked.

How and why has society reached this point were we live in fear? In we do not live in fear, then we live in a constant state of worry. We worry about someone breaking into our home, we worry about our kids being kidnapped, we worry about someone attacking a friend or family member.

There was once a time when parents could drop their kids off at an arcade, or at a skating ring, and not have to worry about gang violence, or worry about the kids getting in trouble.

What happened to those days? What happened when society was for the most part peaceful?

Why cant we live in peace with each other? Why is society filled with so much hate and anger?

Some people might say its because GOD has been taken out of our lives. Religion might play a factor. But religion has also played a factor is some of the worst cases of human rights violations in recorded history.

I do not think its fair to blame the lack of Christ in our lives, when Christians have so much blood on their hands. For hundreds of years, Christians killed those that did not convert to Christianity. We were a violent group of people that killed in the name of Christ.

Maybe its the gap between the rich and the poor that has caused society to degrade? There was once a time with middle class people could afford to buy 2 cars, home, raise 2 kids and have extra spending money. These days, it takes everything the middle class has just to get by.

Maybe people are too bunched together? For tens of thousands of years mankind has lived in small groups of nomadic hunter/gathers. Only in recent history has mankind group itself into massive cities.

Maybe we need more room then just an apartment, small house and a cubical? Maybe we need room to be able to walk into our backyard, have some chickens, maybe a swimming pool, maybe a small pond to go fishing in?

Maybe humans inflict so much violence on each other because our natural instincts are being repressed?

There was once a time when men, women and children would help skin a horse, cow, mammoth, elk,,,. People got blood on their hands, we worked together, we lived together, we roamed the wilderness together, and we died together.

Humans are like a domesticated dog that has lost its way. We no longer kill for food, we kill for fun, we kill for trophies.

I suspect the answer to our woes is a total revamp of society

Demolish the cities, demolish the neighborhoods where homes have just a couple of feet between them. Spread people out, give them room to stretch their arms, give them room to breath.

Build small schools where the kids can have friends. How are you supposed to develop friends if your school has 5,000 kids in it?

Rebuild communities so that people can walk to community sized grocery stores.

The town I live in, Jasper Texas, if you want to walk to walmart, good luck. The store is on the edge of town and on a highway.

You know what builds tension? Grouping people together. Imagine the tension when groups of people that did not know each other had to share a water hole, or share a cave 30,000 years ago.

People do not want to bunch together, we want to spread out to form our own little groups. That is the way its been for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why is their so much violence in our communities

I think its its because:

1 – People are bored. We need stuff to keep our minds busy.

2 – People are violent by primal nature. From time to time we need to kill something to relieve that primal desire.

3 – We are living too close to each other. We need room to walk outside and not hear our neighbors over the fence.

When I walk outside, I do not want to hear anything but the birds and wind blowing through the trees. To an urban dweller that might sound strange. Not to be able to hear a car, no neighbors, no barking dogs, no cars, no loud trucks,,,, all I want to hear is peace and quit.

I suspect, and its nothing that I can prove, but I suspect that living in a city slowly drives people insane.

Like a caged animal that wants to run free, inside of all of us is someone who wants to be free of living in a city. We want to see trees instead of cement, we want peace and quit instead of hearing cars, trucks and police sirens.

For hundreds of thousands of years humans roamed the hillsides looking for food.

Today, roaming for food has been replaced with the grocery store.

Going to the grocery store and buying food does not supply the needed satisfaction of finding food.

This is where we need smaller neighborhood sized grocery stores that people can walk to.

Walking to the grocery store, getting what you need, then walking home replicates what our ancestors did 50,000 years ago.

But instead of buying food, our ancestors dug roots, dug up wild onions, picked berries, picked fruit from trees, then took their harvest home.

People are confined to their homes, to their cars, and to the stores they visit regularly. Its this confinement that slowly drives people insane.

This urge, this primal instinct to be away from other people is never satisfied, so urban dwellers slowly go insane. Its like putting too many chickens into a chicken coop. Overtime the chickens start fighting and pecking at each other. This is where humanity is at. we have too many people living too close together. Sooner or later we will start pecking at each other.

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