Enslaving ourselves through debt

survivalistBanks have gotten a bad rap here lately. Well, its not just lately, banks have had a bad reputation for thousands of years, but that is just the way it is.

The question is, what has empowered banks to have so much power?

The answer is, our greed and our laziness.


Humans are greedy people. If you want evidence to backup that statement, look at Enron. Look at the companies that exploit cheap overseas labor. Look at companies that would rather close a factory and move it to china then to pay a livable wage in the USA.

No other species on the face of the planet kills for fun, or for physical possessions. Humans not only kill for possessions, we destroy families, towns, lives, for money.

Think about that for a minute, how sickening is it that we kill for a piece of paper with ink on it? We have made money our GOD and we worship that GOD in everything we do. Whether its paying our electric bills, buying a car, paying a car note, paying a house note, we are paying homage to our GOD, which is money.


Instead of saving up the money to buy that new TV, and paying cash, we get a credit card. That credit card gives us a sense of power, a sense that we can buy what we want when we want. While this is true, credit cards provide people with an easy line of credit, we hand over our freedom to the banks.

When you owe someone money, you are en-debited to that person. Ever hear of debtors prison? Some of us may remember debtors prison from history lessons while in school.

Years ago, if you owed someone money, the creditor could have the person arrested and put in prison until the family paid the debt.

If you can not afford to save up the money to buy something, why should you borrow money to buy it?

The key to breaking the hold banks have on people, is to become financially self-reliant. This means you depend on yourself to buy that new TV, and not dependent on a loan from the bank.

Want that new car? Then make a deposit in your savings account every month for the same amount as the car note.

If you can not afford to pay yourself a car note, how are you supposed to be able to pay a bank for a car loan? And that is where the weakness lays. Our weakness with money has empowered banks to take control of our lives.

Saving for a college education

Maybe parents have had the wrong idea about saving for a childs college education? Intead of saving money for college, maybe parents should be saving so the child can buy a home?

Which would you rather have, a paid for home, or a college education? In the long run a college education is supposed to pay for itself. But that is not always the way things work out.

Over the span of a working career, lets say 45 years, would saving money on interest for a home loan offset the value of a college education?

There are lots of ways to make money without a college education, just ask a welder or someone who works on a drilling rig.

Instead of the parents saving money, then the children giving that money to a college, how about the children investing the money into a home?

There are three types of freedoms that we enjoy

Transportation – a car lets you come and go as you please

Property – owning your home means you do not have to answer to a landlord.

Money (cash) – means you do not have to answer to a bank when you want to buy something. Cash in hand is more powerful then begging someone at the bank for a loan.