What If Obama Is Reelected

The economy is still bouncing around. Some people say we are in a recovery, while others say we are heading into a second recession.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

I think the absolute worst thing that can happen is for obama to be reelected.

The second worst thing that can happen, is for mitt to be elected.

The US is on a road of self-destruction. Unless there is a total change of leadership, there is no getting off the path.

Even if a lot of new people are elected into congress, there will bee too many old dogs left in place to stop any real change from happening.

Excessive spending

Back in the 1980s, we outspent the russians on military spending. It was impossible for the russians to keep up, so they gave up.

The problem is, the level of spending never stopped. We have so many social benefits programs now, its crazy.

Where do we cut the spending at? Should money for roads be cut, how about free school lunches, food stamps, low income public housing, foreign aid.

Where are the obama spending cuts? Or are we just going to continue spending until the US goes bankrupt.

So where do we cut the spending?

In 2008 the federal government bailed out the banks and wall street. From what it looks like, anytime a bank gets in trouble, the government is going to bail them out. But what about the everyday person that needs help? We do not get bailed out. Its just the opposite, we lose everything we have.

For things to change, there has to be a reduction in spending. The problem is, people that are drawing social benefits think they are entitled to something. I know for a fact there are people out there that know how to play the system. One baby gets grown and out the door, its time to squeeze out another one, just to keep the welfare checks and food stamps coming.

If there was a reduction in food stamps, or other welfare programs, there would be massive panic, outrage and protest in the streets.

Without food stamps, how do we expect people to eat? Can we really expect the freeloaders to get a job? Yea right, I seriously doubt it.

There are some people on food stamps that just need a helping hand, and that is fine.

Then there are the people who work the system, draw benefits from the government and have no intention of getting a job.

Foreign Aid

Then there is the foreign aid. Why are we sending money overseas when we have homeless and hungry people on our streets.

Foreign aid has been around for decades and its probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

Has obama stopped foreign aid?

Free trade

Free trade is a cancer that is eating away at our nation, and has been eating away for over close to 2 decades.

Obama is not going to do anything about free trade. Even if we elect a bunch of new people into congress they can not do anything about trade.

Trade is up to the president, and obama is not going to do anything about it.

In the past 4 years obama has made things worse for this nation

Mandated insurance
obama signed HR 347, which established no free speech zones
obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (Senate Bill 1867)

If anything, obama has striped more rights away from people then any other president.

We need to ask ourselves, do we need 4 more years of this?

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