Reforming Public Schools

survivalistOver the past few decades there has been talk about how to reform our public school system. I am not an expert in schools, but I am able to form an opinion based on the available information. It is my opinion the public school system is past reform. We have allowed politics and greed to get in the way of teaching our children.

Lets start by being able to hire and fire teachers based on their job performance, just like the rest of the work force. Let me rephrase my post, how about we hire and fire teachers without unions tying the hands of the tax payers.

Get the unions out of the schools, and I bet job performance will improve.

When I was in 4th, maybe 5th grade, teacher hands out a bunch of papers, I complete the wrong paper first, teacher gets pissed off, brings me to office, gives me a paddling.

Screw her.

Teachers that don’t have any more patience then that need to be fired. Everyone in the class had a stack of papers, and I just happened to complete the wrong one first. I feel that she was nothing more then a bully.

So how do you measure a teachers performance? By just that, their performance. Being mean to children is not a job requirement.

When I go in for a job performance review, my boss looks at all kinds of factors – How often am I late to work, how often do I take off, how well do I dress, am I self motivated, how well do I complete task,,,, the usual stuff.

It might sound silly, but I think teachers should be held to “some” kind of standard. Just giving kids assignments and homework does not cut it.

Teacher teaches 7th grade science, test scores go down 3 years in a row, teacher is fired. For most jobs, I think that would be fair.

If the quality of the finished product goes down, the problem should be found, and fixed. If its a faulty machine in the process, replace the machine – in this case it would be to replace the teacher.

I do not support standardized testing for students. People learn in different ways. Some people learn through hands on, some people learn through reading and lecture. Schools are directed at people who learn through reading and lecture. Students that learn by hands on are often left out in the rain.

The problem is, teachers do not identify which students learn by the hands on approach. Instead of catering to the learning needs of the student, the teacher says take this ADHD medicine so you will sit down and shut up.

Standardized Testing

Not all students learn the same way, so why should they be tested the same way?  Children are not rubber stamps where the schools can “thump, thump, thump, thump,,,” and crank out kids like something off an assembly line.

I do not support standardized testing.

I feel that our present school system is a failure. Where does the blame belong? The blame should be placed in society as a whole. When movie stars receive more attention the politicians, there is something wrong with the basic foundation of our culture.

In no way does school prepare a student to enter the work force. If you want an example, look at the amount of homework students are required to do.

At most jobs, anything over 40 hours is overtime or comp-time. Students and teachers have to do all kinds of work after school. This teaches the student a poor work ethic. The student is not rewarded for putting forth extra effort – besides passing grades. If I put forth extra effort at my job, I want comp-time, or overtime on my pay check. The basic principle of schools teaches the student that if they do extra work, they will not be rewarded, and that is a bad work ethic.

So one thing I would like see changed is how much homework a teacher can give. If a teacher gives a lot of homework, that should be a mark against the teachers performance.

If the teacher gives work to the student to do outside of school, the student must be rewarded, and not just good grades.

When I go past my 40 hours at work, I get something extra. Its called a work ethic. Those types of ethics should be given to children as soon as possible. Teaching kids to work for free will not take them very far in life.

Kids should get some kind of reward for hard work

I do not work 50 hours a week and “hope” my employer pays me overtime, so why should children be required to work so many hours a week in and after school and get no reward?

The mindset of “bust your butt in school and hope you get a scholarship” is part of whats wrong with our school system.

In the real world job market there was certain standards that I “know” will help me get a better review. That review is in black and white, its something I can look at and hold. When my employer gives me my yearly review, I know exactly what he is going to be looking for. I also know what kind of rewards I can expect if my job performance is up-to-par.

In school, you do good, make great grades, do your homework, and what do you get in return? A better job? A guaranteed scholarship? An A on your report card?

Bust your butt in school, not getting straight A’s, not getting that scholarship you had hoped for, what are you going to do, change schools? Change schools and hope the classes switch over and hope the degree plan is the same in both schools.

In the real world, if my job does not reward me for busting my butt, I look for another job.

Schools have a monopoly on the education market. Change schools, the classes may or may not match up. You might have a take a few more classes and jump thru more hoops in the hopes of getting a cookie.

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