Why do we work? Lets just draw Social Security disability

survivalistBefore we begin, I want to make it clear that there is a difference between someone who refuses to work, and someone who can not work.

The system should help those who can not work.

The system should not help those who are too lazy to work.

My wife and I had a friend over last night. As we were talking, the topic slowly turned a certain person that we know, how people abuse social security disability and welfare abuse. The discussion turned to a 18 year old lady, who is drawing social security disability, is pregnant and not married.

The person claims they are disabled because they are bi-polar. With so many job opportunities out there, surely there is something they can do. Why cant this person stock groceries, dig ditches, cut grass,,,, preform some job service that is not affected by her disability.

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And we have to wonder why Social Security is running out of money?

Why should I work to support those who are too lazy to support themselves?

Why should parasites by allowed to suck from the governments tit, at the expense of everyone else?

Everyone seems to be talking about how to curve government spending. Over the past few decades the US government has borrowed more money then we can ever hope to pay back. Politicians are talking about cutting funding to schools, about cutting military spending, cutting NASA funding, but what about welfare and social security abuse?

I guess its not politically correct to ask people to support themselves; its not politically correct to ask people to get a job and take care of themselves.

Why should we cut funding to NASA, an organization that works to further mankind, while the freeloading parasites get a free ride?

We are taking from our future – our schools, NASA, military research,, only to ensure that the lazy are well fed at the expense of the tax payers.

The continued abuses by the parasites, combined with the laziness of the politicians, will further impoverish the middle class.

Why do I work

1. It might seem silly, but one reason why I work is to not be a parasite on the system. I know it sounds really dumb, but I feel that everyone should contribute their fair share to the system, and to the best of their ability.

2. I like to have nice things. I like having my own home, and not a home provided for by the government.

A few things really suck about having to provide your own home, is paying the note, maintenance, property taxes, paying for insurance. The more I think about personal responsibility, the more stupid it sounds. Why not let the government pay for everything?

3. To set an example for my children. Yes, I want my children to be wage slaves just like I have been. Yes, I want my kids to get up everyday and go to work.

In a way, I wonder if teaching your children a good work ethic is a form of child abuse? Why would anyone want to work when they can claim some kind of disability and get a monthly check?

Maybe we should all stay home and get a check from the government

Getting up every morning, going to work, then having to spend your hard earned money on a home, car, electric bill, food,,, it sounds like insanity to me. Who in their right mind “wants” to spend their life working? Why not just get a check and food stamps from the government, stay home and play on the internet all day?

But then again, if everyone stayed how and drew a check from the government, who is supposed to grow our food, make our cars, stock the shelves with food,,,? If everyone stayed home, who is supposed to preform the task that keeps society moving?

Here is a solution, how about letting millions of low wage illegal immigrants cross the border? Yea, that sounds like a good idea. Lets let millions of low wage workers preform the backbreaking labor that people on welfare should be doing. That way our food gets grown, companies get to exploit cheap labor, and the welfare parasites get to sit their ass at home and play on the internet. Its a win-win situation. When the workers get too old, or unable to work, just deport them back to their home country.

Where does society draw the line

Where do we draw the line when it comes to mooching off the tit of the government?

How about we roll a bus up to the local low income housing project, load everyone up, take them out to the highway to pick up garbage?  How about people on welfare be required to preform some kind of community service?  They could cut the grass at the local court house, help out at Not for Profit Organizations,,,, do “something” to contribute to society.