The Easter Island Effect

mercury warning dam b jasper texasHas anyone seen the movie Rapa Nui with Jason Scott Lee? For those of you that have never seen it, Rapa Nui is about Easter Island, and how the people consumed all natural resources in the pursuit of their GODs.

After all natural resources were consumed, society collapsed.

A few days ago I posted a link in a thread on Survivalist Boads saying about 92% of all fresh water is used for agriculture.

Think about that for a minute, 92% of all fresh water is used in food production. That only leaves 8% for other uses. If a global weather pattern shifts so farm rich areas receive less rainfall, we are just a couple of percentage points from a food shortage.

Every gas well that is fracked uses around 5 million gallons of water. Instead of finding ways to conserve water, oil companies trade water for oil. We can not drink oil.

As the population continues to grow, our need for drinking water will continue to grow. How long until our need for drinking water conflicts with our need for food and water for industrial needs?

It appears to me that we are consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate.

Our oil production is supposed to have reached peak production without building new refineries, which could take decades.

Fresh water production has just about reached peak production due to depletion of aquifers. We could build desalination plants, but who is going to pay for it? Even with desalination plants, we would have to build pipelines hundreds of miles long to bring the water to the interior states and cities.

Lets get back to the movie Rapa Nui:

To move the statues easier, they used food to grease the timbers. I compare this to us using corn to make fuel. When we use our food to make fuel, something is wrong. I see using corn to make gasoline as an act of desperation.

As a group of men went to chop down the last tree, Jason Scott Lee stood in front of the tree in an attempt to save the tree. One of the men said “someone has to cut it down, might as well be me”. the group of men pull Jason Lee to the side, and the tree was cut down.

The scene with the tree reminded me of the timber companies stripping virgin forest down to where nothing is left, then planting fast growing pine tree hybrid.

In the movie Rapa Nui, the people built statues to please their GODs. Today, our GOD is money. Just as the inhabitants of Easter Island did everything they could to please their GODs, so we do everything we can to make money. Whether its polluting the water, polluting the atmosphere, selling drugs, lying, cheating, stealing,,, people will do anything they can to get money.

Our lust for money will be the downfall of modern society.

When the last drop of water is polluted, when the last tree is cut down, when acid rain contaminants our fish, what are we supposed to do? What kind of legacy are we leaving our children when they can not even eat the fish?