Illegal immigration and welfare abuse

survivalistBefore we begin, I want to make it clear that everyone at some time or another may need a helping hand.  People lose their jobs, run into financial problems and need some help.

However, the support system was never intended as a way of life.

Our society has cultivated four groups of people:

Group 1 – people who think they are entitled to welfare, or entitled to other social benefits.

After Hurricane Andrew passed through Florida, there were stories of people sitting in their front yards waiting for the government to clean up the mess.  When asked why they were not cleaning up their own yard, the reply was something like “the government is supposed to take care of stuff like that”.  It was reported that one family had been on welfare for 3 generations.  The family had no idea what it was like to do something for yourself.  In their minds, the government should do everything.

After hurricane katrina hit new orleans, I was required by my employer to go to the shelter and help out. In all, I think there were close to 200 people at the shelter – men, women and children.

Around 2 weeks after the evacuees arrived at the shelter, a bus was rented to take the people to a local workforce center to help them get a job. Some of the adults REFUSED to get on the bus. They said something like “you can not make me look for a job”. The people were receiving free housing, free food, free medical checkups,,,. Why look for a job if you get everything for free?

The shelter finally got enough and closed. Some buses were brought in to bring the people to other shelters in the Houston area.

Two years after katrina, some of the people from new orleans were still living in public funded apartments.

Why are people allowed to mooch off the system for years at a time, and nothing is done about it?

Group 2 – people that are exploited because they will work for a low wage.  This includes everyone who works at the big box marts to low wage workers in communist china.

Group 3 – people who think exploiting cheap labor is ok.  How else are companies supposed to turn multi-billion dollar profits while charging a premium price for their product.

King bush sr, clinton, and king bush jr are the reasons why the US is allowed to exploit cheap labor.  After all, it was king george I who promoted NAFTA and it was bill clinton who signed NAFTA into law.

Could we imagine what would happen if foxconn was forced to build a few plants in the US, hire people at a decent wage, and those record profits Apple made were distributed to American workers.  Why should US citizens buy products made with cheap labor,  only to have companies like apple report record profits.

Group 4 – people who work for a living and expect to get paid a liveable wage.  These are the people who expect to be compensated for the fruits of their labor.

Illegal Immigration:

There is a report on yahoo news saying the Alabama illegal immigration crackdown costs state up to $11 billion.

Alabama immigration crackdown costs state up to $11 bln: study – Yahoo! News

One report says that few US citizens want to step up and do manual labor jobs.

I say, why do manual labor jobs when – 1, its a low paying job and 2, people can kick back and draw from social benefit programs.

A few months ago I was watching some news program about how hard the work is harveting food in the fields.  The owner of the land said if you wan work hard, someone can make $100 a day.  I almost laughed out loud.  Let me see if I have this right, bust your ass for 12 hours a day, for $100 – $120?  That is laughable.  I was making more then that back in 1990 and 1991.  To me, $100 – $120 a day is 20 years behind the times.

By the man saying $100 a day was good money, that told me that he was used to dealing with low wage workers.

Why should someone pick strawberries, when they can live off of government handouts?

A crack down on illegal immigrants has to go along with a crack down on welfare abuse.

Take the people that are living off the system (and able to work), and kick them off the system.

But on the other hand, if people on welfare fill the role of illegal immigrants, companies will not be forced to raise their wages.  Part of the problem, companies have grown used to exploiting cheap labor both overseas and inside the USA.

Over the past few years unions have gotten a bad name.  Maybe we need more unions, and not less.  Let the workers organize and let them demand higher wages.  If companies like apple can rake in a pile of cash, why cant the average working people be paid a liveable wage?

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