Buy Your Supplies and Stack Them Deep

As I am sitting here watching the news, there is little voice in the back of my head telling me the US is going to hit rock bottom. Unless Ron Paul gets elected, things are just going to continue to get worse. GOD help us if someone like mit or rick perry gets elected, because they are not going to help anyone besides the bankers.

What I see happening is tensions between the US and china and tensions between the US and iran to continue to rise. Compounded with that, congress is talking about cutting the defense budget.

Let me see if I get this right, iran is continuing to enrich uranium, and the US congress wants to cut money from the defense? When your enemies are building nuclear weapons, shouldn’t we at the very least maintain our current rate of military spending?

There are several directions I see the US during 2012:

1. iran builds a nuclear bomb, gives the bomb to a small group of terrorist who sneak it a cross the US-mexico border. From there its just a matter of time before a major US city has a nuclear weapon detonated in it.

Its not like a group of terrorist would even have to sneak a nuclear bomb across the border. Why not hire a truck and drive the bomb across? If 10 – 20 million illegal immigrants can find their way into the US, surely its not “that” difficult to get weapons across.

2. israel strikes iran, which threatens the supply of crude oil to russia and china. russia and china see the strike as a threat to their national security. In return, china and/or russia strike israel and the US.

3. The US goes broke, or continues to print money out of thin air. Either way its a lose-lose situation. Over the past few decades has spent more money then we can ever hope to repay. Its just a matter of time before the house of cards comes tumbling down

4. The drought that wiped out billions of dollars in crops comes back in 2012, which drives up prices. The US government will increase subsidies to farmers, which will continue to drive up the national debt. I have no issues with helping the farmers out, but instead of giving billions to foreign nations, why not keep that money here? Instead of giving the banks millions of dollars to bail them out from bad investments, lets give that money to the people. Or better yet, let the banks go belly up.

5. The absolute worst thing that can happen is for obama to get relected. obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, which allows the government to detain US citizens without a trial.

What can you really say about a congress and president that wants to declare the US a battleground? From that declaration the government can detain citizens without a trial.

You might be saying “the government can not detain you without charging you with a crime”. Well, what happened with the Japanese-Americans during World War II? If it happened once, it can happen again.

Buy your food while its still cheap.

Vote third party, why are the democrats even on the ballot?

Buy your guns and ammunition while you can.

As 2012 progresses, I look for people to become worried. Worried people go into panic buying mode. As people start stockpiling food, guns and ammunition, I look for prices to go up.