Stockpiling TEOTWAWKI Fishing Gear and Juglines

Survivalist, are you stockpiling fishing gear for SHTF?  Also, are you stockpiling gear to make stuff like juglines and trotlines?

The past 2 days I have been working on juglines for an upcoming camping trip. When I started thinking about how much time and effort I put into getting the juglines ready, I was a little set back.

After talking to my wife, I probably put 6 – 8 hours into redoing, and working on the juglines. The lines had not been used since June 2011. I changed the lines out, added some PVC pipe to the noodles and replaced the J-hooks with circle hooks. When I started cutting the PVC pipe, I was using a hacksaw. After cutting a few pipe, I dug the skilsaw out and started using the saw instead of the hacksaw.

Bass fishing on the Angelina River
Large mouth bass caught on the Angelina River.

For the sake of discussion lets say this happened after a SHTF / teotwawki event. I would have had to use a hacksaw to cut the PVC pipe. But then again, its doubtful I would have had any PVC laying around. To make the noodles for this weekend I used some 3/4 inch PVC I had in the shed.

Without PVC pipe I would have threaded the line through the middle of the noodle.

Stockpiling Fishing Gear

One of the issues I spotted while working on my fishing gear, I do not have enough rods and reels to hand out to everyone.  This means some of the people in my fishing group will have to use something like a soft drink can to wrap the line around, or maybe a cane pole.

My personal opinion, the only way to get through a long term SHTF survival situation is through teamwork.  Its only by working together that people can pool their resources, and achieve a desired goal.

Stockpiling Fishing Gear

1 tackle box
3 spools 300 feet 330 pound tensile strength trotline string – not stored in tackle box
1 spool 580 feet 235 pound tensile strength trotline string- not stored in tackle box
1 package (8 qty) eagle claw lazer sharp 4/0 all purpose hooks
1 box (25 qty) mustard circle hooks 11/0
1 spool 30 feet nylon coated wire 60 pound test
1 package (15 qty) zoom tiny brush hog watermelon red
1 package (12 qty) eagle claw 3/0 safety snaps with barrel swivel
1 package (12 qty) zoom baby brush hog green pumpkin pearl
1 package (8 qty) zoom brush hog plum-apple
1 package (5 qty) vicious 4 inch jerky shad
2 packages (20 qty) zoom u-tale pumpkin chartreuse
1 package (8 qty) zoom brush hog watermelon red
1 package (10 qty zoom 5 inch lizard june bug
1 package (9 qty) zoom monster 10 1/2 bullfrog
1 package (9 qty) zoom 6 inch lizard cotton candy chart.
1 package (12 qty) zoom baby brush hog pumpkin spice
1 package (qty unknown) culprit classic worm
3 bags various artificial worms
1 bag (13 qty) bobbers aka corks
1 tape measure – for measuring fish length
3 spinner baits
1 stringer
1 spool zebco 8 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 10 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 12 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 20 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 30 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 40 pound monofilament line
3 tiny torpedoes
1 rattletrap
3 beetle spins
4 crankbaits
1 pair fingernail clippers – for cutting the monofilament line
1 package eagle claw (12 qty) size 7 barrel swivel with safety snap
1 package eagle claw (18 qty) size 1 barrel swivel
1 package eagle claw (12 qty) size 7 barrel swivel with interlocking snap
1 package 1/0 all purpose hooks
1 package 2/0 all purpose hooks
1 small multitool
various teardrop weights
1 spool 30 feet berkley nylon coated wire 30 pound test
1 package lazer connector sleeves size 3 – for homemade leaders
1 crimping tool – to crimp the sleeves
Several boxes of circle hooks – sizes 6, 7 and 8

That is only a short list, and does not cover a lot of items.

Pick Gear For Your Area

Regardless of what other people are fishing with on TV, talk to the local fishermen, talk to them and see what works in your area.

Buy hooks for the size fish in your area. A few months ago I set out some trotlines on a local river. The problem was, I used hooks that were too small. The catfish were too big for the hook, they were able to straighten the hooks out and get off the line. When I pulled the trotline up, some of the hooks were almost as straight as a pencil.

Plan Ahead

In the big picture of things, where my survival gear stocks fall short, hopefully my buddies can pick up the slack. Its not enough for one person to stockpile fishing gear, but we should communicate with our team members, friends and family and try to coordinate our plans.

During a long term survival situation, I do not see people taking their motor boats out on the river or lake for very long. The gas will run out sooner or later. Boats too big to paddle will be left on the bank, while boats that can be paddled will probably be powered by manpower. People working in teams will paddle into a lake, pond or river, do some fishing and then paddle back. This leaves the people with large boats stuck on the shore.

People fishing off the banks can utilize several tools to harvest fish, such as a throw line, rod and reel, or even a fish trap.

In archeological digs in England, evidence of fish traps date back tens of thousands of years. There is no reason why we can not follow in the path of our ancestors. One of the big problems will be finding places where lots of other people will not be fishing.

As food supplies run out, people will be looking for food wherever they can find it. This usually means stealing, hunting and fishing. If the fishing hole you plan on using can be easily reached, expect other people to be there. If you plan on using fish traps, you can probably expect the fish to be stolen from the traps.

Depending on the situation, and how many people are trying to fish from the same spot as you, you and your team might have to use a small boat, canoe or kayak to reach isolated fishing spots. Catch your fish, and then return home. Fillet the fish, smoke or otherwise dry the fish so it will be preserved until you reach your family.

Test Your Plans

A small group of us are planning a 3 day camping trip on a local river.  During the camping trip I hope to test some of these theories and see how well they are going to work.  Hopefully I will be able to report back how the trip went and how things worked out.

Not only is this going to be a camping trip, its also going to be a test of my plans to see how everything works.