The Coming Civil Unrest

For those of you that have not been paying attention and voting for the same two parties over and over, I blame you for what you are about to read. The two party system will be the downfall of the US, and I directly blame the voters.

My personal opinion, its just a matter of time before protest become violent.

I think there will be 2 driving factors, maybe 3 factors – Cost of living, Unemployment rates and maybe Inflation.

Cost of living – with free trade the US is having to compete against countries that allow their citizens to be exploited by large international companies. Why have a part built in the US, have to pay a liveable wage, pay taxes, pay benefits such as health insurance, sick days and vacation, when the company can move to communist china and get workers at almost slave labor wages. The higher the unemployment rate, the lower the wages, that is just the way things work.

As wages continue to stagnate, the cost of everything else continues to go up. Some refried beans my wife and I buy to make homemade burritos with went up 8 cents a couple of weeks ago. 8 cents might not seem like a lot, but when the can cost $1, that is an 8% increase. The average rate of inflation is around 3%. That means 8% is almost 3 times the rate of inflation.

The cost of basic items, such as food is going up at a steady rate. Ground meat – ground round is $2.25 a pound, ground lean is around $4 a pound. My wife fixed some homemade tacos a few days ago, and it cost us almost $10.

Unemployment rates – the factories are gone, they are not coming back, get used to it. bill clinton did a flip-flop on NAFTA and GATT, so regardless of which of the 2 major parties you vote for, you vote for a group of liars.

If you want our factories back from china, then vote like it.  The only solution is to vote the two major parties out of office, and to do that, people have to vote differently.  Elections have been worthless for the last 2 decades because congress keeps passing the same types of laws. Sooner or later the vast majority of people are going to lose all hope.

Inflation – with the federal reserve printing money out of thin air, who knows where inflation is going to go. The US dollar is backed by very little physical property. Unlike the gold standard where the value of our money was backed by gold, the current dollar is not backed by anything.

The cost of basic items, such as food is going up at a steady rate. Ground meat – ground round is $2.25 a pound, ground lean is around $4 a pound. My wife fixed some homemade tacos a few days ago, and it cost us almost $10.

People with no hope – are likely to turn to violence.  When the people can not longer afford to buy food, pay their electric bill, buy gas to go back and forth to work, people are going to be pushed to where they think they have no other option but violence.

The people that have no hope are the same people that vote for the same political party year after year and hope for change.  If you want real change, stop voting for the democrats and republicans and vote for another party.

The US government knows that civil unrest is on the way, that is why bills such as the Indefinite Detention Bill. What government that respects the will of the people would want to hold its citizens without a trial?  The US federal government is out of control, and the voters are to blame.  If you want real change, then vote like it and vote for someone besides the big 2 parties.

How to prepare

If you want to prepare for civil unrest, get out of debt, have money saved up – both on hand and in a credit union, have a stockpile of food, and have a way to secure your home.

Loose lips sinks ships – keep that in mind when talking to people about your preps.  Better yet, do not talk about your preps are all.

Talk to close friends and family members about your preps.  Talk to everyone as if they were an FBI mole.  NEVER talk about violence, as it is never an option, never talk about civil war, never talk about anything that might be considered “radical”.  To everyone you meet, be a wolf disguised as a sheeple, observe but never open your mouth.

If you live in a city, talk with a friend that has property in a rural area.  Make plans ahead of time so if you and your family have to leave the city, you have a place to go.