The power of words

One of my favorite examples of someone standing up to the machine is when Jim Morrison and the Doors sang on the ed sullivan show. Jim Morrison was asked to not say “higher” when singing “Light my fire” on the ed sullivan show.

Its amazing how people get so offended by a “word”. But then again, words have power. If words can be controlled, then whoever controls the words has the power.

The the people are told we can and can not say certain things (besides foul language), by following those rules we make ourselves sub-servant to whoever said we can not say certain things.

Free people can not allow themselves to be silenced. When free people agree to be silenced, we are no longer free, but instead, we are servants.

As free people it is our duty to stand up and speak, and speak we must for it is our duty.

Freedoms and duties go hand in had together, one can not exist without the other. If free people ignore their duties, they will slowly lose their freedoms.

If free people want to lose the things they hold dear, all they have to do is sit down, be quit, and do nothing. Those that lust for power will slowly erode the rights of those that are quit.