The Handcuffed United States of America

Welcome to the Handcuffed United States of America, where law enforcement is held hostage by illegal immigrants, and the US government can kill its citizens without due process.

The Washington Times is reporting that a U.S. border agent has been jailed for improper arrest of a suspected drug smuggler.

What the hell is wrong with this country where a US Border agent can be put in prison for doing his job?  Its not like the border Agent shot and killed the accused drug smuggler.

Then there is PETA that has tried to get equal rights for whales.  There are lots of crazy people in the world, but claiming animals deserve the same rights as humans, you have got to be kidding me.  I have seen some crazy people in my time, like the whackos that walk around and talk to the birds, but this PETA crap has to take the prize.

On top of everything else, we have an out of control president that can off people at will.  To get yourself murdered without a trial, all the government needs to do is have you declared a terrorist, and your head is on the chopping block.

When our president obama has been asked why US citizens were murdered, he hid his face in the sand and refused to hand over the evidence.

Its gotten to the point where people can not even protest without being thrown in jail.  The people are tired of our jobs being sent to china, we protest, and we are beat down by jack-booted-thugs.

I am pretty sure the people working the gas chambers of nazi germany were just following orders, just like the police officers that beat down the protestors.

The US is going downhill, and fast. Our jobs have been shipped to china, our government is corrupt, and there is civil unrest in the streets. How much more before something breaks?

The US has been called the melting pot of the world. The problem is, when you melt a lot of metals together, the metal is weak or brittle. The US has become divided with different groups pushing certain social agendas. The social agendas will divide and eventually break this once great nation.

Greed is the great destroyer, it divides families, and it breaks nations. Our financial institutions have become so greedy that their greed has consumed everything in its path.

Our housing markets are in ruins, our factories have bee closed and moved to china, investors are putting their money in gold, unemployment is up,,, and the people sit on their hands and vote for the same 2 parties over and over.

The people need to open their eyes, and if they want real change, then vote like it. If you are voting for the same 2 parties, then you are not voting for real change. If you want to bring about “real” change, and not the obama type of change, vote third party.

The two major parties have failed this nation. They have allowed china to take our factories and our jobs, and at the same people the people kept voting the same way they have for the past 100 years.

Keep in mind, the two parties you voted for have given us:

Income tax – both state and federal
Free Trade – so our jobs can go overseas
Insecure borders
Have not regulated BPA
Have not regulated coal emissions

If you are wondering what coal emissions do, here is a pic.

mercury warning dam b jasper texas

We can not even eat the fish out of our rivers and lakes without some kind of mercury warning. And the two parties you elected has allowed this to happen.