Ground blind for deer hunting

Ground blind for deer huntingA few weeks ago I bought a bone collector dog house blind from the local china-mart. This past saturday 2 of my sons and I went out to the lease, did some scouting and setup the blind.  Rifle season here in Texas starts in 2 weeks.  I am getting a late start on the season, but oh well, you do what you have to do.

We followed a creek until we found an oak tree that had a bunch of acorns on the ground and some rubs in the area.

From the oak tree we moved to the north maybe 35 yards and setup the blind on the edge of some underbrush. There is a thicket with a lot of underbrush that opens up to the creek bottom and a pine tree clearing. The blind is setup on the edge.

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The spot for the blind was picked for 3 reasons:

Water – Texas has been under a terrible drought, probably the worst drought in 50 years. Due to the drought a lot of creeks have dried up, that is why I paid special attention to water.

Food – Due to the drought, a lot of oak trees are stressed and seem to be dropping immature acorns.  I was looking for an oak tree close to the creek that was dropping mature acorns.  The acorns should attract squirrels, hogs and deer.

Deer sign – with several rubs in the area, I know there is a buck moving around. I did not find any scraps, so rubs will have to do.

I liked how light, easy the stand was to carry and ease of setup.

When the stand was taken out of its carry pouch, it opened on its own and sprung into position.

On the side of the blind are 2 tent poles that hold the roof up. The end of the pole goes into a pouch in each corner, and then ties at the top of the blind.

Each porthole has a removable mosquito mesh to help keep the bugs out. The mesh is held in place with velcro.  The only problem I see with the velcro, it makes noise when the mosquito net is removed.  So when you get in the blind before daylight, you will have the remove the mesh from whatever portal you want to shoot from.

The top of the ground blind had pen holes in it, so its not waterproof.  I am not sure what the reason is for the holes, maybe to allow moisture out of the blind?  But if you wanted something waterproof, get a 4×6 foot camo tarp and throw it over the blind.

Easy to setup
Easy to carry
Mosquito net on porthole
Corners have places for tent stakes
Comes with carry bag and tent stakes
Arched roof to encourage rain runoff
Nothing broke during setup

Top is not water proof – but this will let moisture out which might reduce mold growth

Something different this year

Over the past few years I have mostly hunted out of a stand that overlooked a deer feeder.  This year I wanted to try something different.

I wanted to setup a ground blind that had no trails going to it, no feeder, no 4-wheeler,,,,.  I want a deer stand in the woods so I can hopefully observe nature in tits purest form.

Since there is no trail going to the blind, finding it in the early morning light is going to be “somewhat” of a challenge.  What I will probably do is park my truck, walk to the bottom of the hill, then follow the creek to the blind.

When I leave out of the blind, I will probably use my GPS along with a compass to find my way back to the truck.  By going up the hill and through the woods to my truck, I hope to keep my scent out of the creek bottom.

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