United States Society Not Prepared for a Disaster

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Sams Club in Beaumont Texas.  One of the main things I wanted to pick up was some freeze dried foods in #10 cans.  The food is listed on the Sams Club website, so I thought the store would have some in stock.  Guess what, the store did not have any freeze dried food in #10 cans.   After walking up-and-down the isles, I finally decided to stop and ask an employee.  I was told that the store had not got any emergency type food in a couple of years.

For those of you that do not know, Beaumont sits just a few miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.  In the past few years Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike have made landfall close to Beaumont.  Why wouldn’t a major outlet store sell some kind of emergency food in a Hurricane prone area?  I think its a lack of forward thinking, and maybe even a lack of demand.

Stockpiling food for SHTF

A couple of nights ago my wife and I went to Lowes in Jasper Texas, we were looking for some kind of can rotation system.  Wal-mart in Jasper sells a wire rack for rotating soda cans, but a regular sized chili or soup can will fit in the rack.  So my wife and I have been buying the wire-racks and setting up a can rotation system on a set of shelves.

What really surprised me was the Lowes store in Jasper does not carry any type of can rotation system.  Why wouldn’t a hardware store that sells cabinets sell some kind of system to keep can goods organized?

I feel that we as a nation are less prepared today, as compared to 30+ years ago.

Prepping in the 1970s

I remember public service broadcast on TV talking being prepared for nuclear war. Schools ran duck and cover drills, teachers talked about what a nuclear detonation looked like, and what to do if we saw a bright flash and mushroom cloud.

Modern day society, people go about their lives without a single thought about being prepared for some kind of disaster. Whether the disaster is man-made or natural does not matter, food eats the same. People seem to pay more attention to sports, then rotating their food stockpile.

For the first time in history, the majority of people live in cities. On average, the people who live in cities are at least 2 – 3 generations removed from rural life.

Since the majority of people live in urban areas, this means our food production rest in the hands of the minority. To put this into perspective, the majority depend on the minority.

When my great-grandmother died in the late 1970s, her cabinets were full of jars of food.  The jars of food she had harvested out of her garden, then used a pressure cooker to store

Obesity and Excess

At the turn of the 21st century mankind faced a new plague, and that is obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetics. As more people move to the city and get jobs sitting at a desk, obesity rates surged. With the surge of obesity came all of its relatives.

Unlike in the 1940s were the US had a labor force that could be trained to build ships, tanks, jeeps and planes, today we have a labor force who huff-and-puff when they have to walk a flight of stairs.

The US has turned into a nation of excess and waste.  We go to buffet bars, fill our plates, eat so much we make ourselves sick, and throw more food away then a lot of people see in a week.

When Christmas rolls around, we run ourselves into debt, and then spend the next 6 – 8 months paying off credit cards.  As the gifts are opened, we do not think about sweat shops, child labor and slave labor wages in the third world countries where the products are made.

Loss of Factories

Greed, its the American way. If something can be made cheaper in communist china, then screw national security, lets close that factory and ship it overseas.

Years ago, the US government use to put people in prison for giving national secrets to Russia. These days, giving national secrets to some chinese company is “business as usual”.

The majority of our steel mills have closed, and the majority of our technology is made in china. What more do you need to destroy an economy? Probably not too much more.

Lost Generation

Not lost as in we can not find them, but lost as in they have lost all hope.

Our corrupt government has allowed companies to move our jobs offshore.

Our lazy government has done nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.
As a result, there are fewer jobs to go around for people finishing college and high school. The people finishing college are being saddled with massive student debt. Not only are people having to compete for scarce jobs, but college graduates have to pay back student loans with low paying jobs.

What Happened to the American Dream

Where oh where did the American dream go? What happened to the hope of home ownership and being able to buy land?

If there is one thing that killed the American dream, it was greed. Instead of everyone getting a piece of the pie, greed makes people try to take pie from others.

There is nothing wrong with making money. But there is something wrong with exploiting people to make money.  In their lust for money, companies have found the cheapest labor, which happens to be in outside the USA.  With fewer people earning a livable wage, fewer people can afford to buy cheaply made products.

Responsible Government

Banks make bad loans,
Banks run out of money,
Banks ask government for more money,
Federal reserve prints out money and gives money to banks,

rise, repeat,,,,

Where is responsibility in Government? Or better yet, where are the responsible voters? Where are the voters that vote for a party besides the major two? Where are the voters that vote for “real” change, and not the obama type of change.

With a Government that is broke, where are is the money supposed to come from to wage a real war? If the US ever went to war with someone like Russia or China, where is the money supposed to come from to build weapons of war?

The people are already taxed more then they can burden, more taxes are likely to be the straw that breaks the camels back. If the US ever goes to war with a world superpower, the Government is likely to be fighting a war of two fronts, one with the enemy and one with the tax payers.