Sharia Law in London and the coming battlefield

Over the past year, maybe 2 years, I have been hearing about how certain groups are calling for sharia law to be imposed in places like London. The problem I see, London already has its own set of laws.

And I thought Catholics and Pentecostals were pushy with their religions.

It seems that Europe is going to be a battlefield of not only religion, but also for ideology. Our democratic society, our tolerance and our kindness is going to be our downfall.

Over the past few decades there has been a change of mindset that we (people of European decent) should be tolerate of others. But what happens when others are not tolerate of us? What happens when a group of people show up in a city, and say “we are going to establish our own laws”.

I wonder if Europe is going to be where some kind of religious holy war starts. In World War II there were the nazis; in the next war will religions be fighting against each other?

Back in the 1960s people in the US thought there was going to be a race war between the blacks and whites. The federal government passed laws, and those laws were enforced. 40+ years later, blacks and whites live in peace with each other.

But what happens when a group of people believe it is their destiny to rule the world? Instead of forming an army and conquering nations, people are mobilized and laws are changed. To change a government, all you have to do is change the laws.

The only thing I wish to see, if for religions to live in peace with one another.