Living your life by your own standards

Bug Out Bag with Mossberg 590As I am sitting here listening to Rammstein, the title song by Rammstein, I have been thinking about my life, and what has been expected of me.

When I was in my early years and in school, I was expected to do my school work and do my homework. The question I always had was “why?”. Why did I “have” to do homework just because some teacher said I had to? During school hours I was required to sit at my desk, be quit, and do my work. But what gave the teacher the right to intrude into my life after school?

In sharp contrast to school, my full time job does not interfere with my life outside of work, unless I am paid for the work.

With homework, why didn’t I get comp time so that summer vacation started early? Students are supposed to attend X number of hours during the course of a school year, so why isn’t homework counted towards that time?

It appears to me that school is one step above child labor. Work was sent home with the students and we were not compensated for our time.

After finishing high school I was supposed to either get a job or go to college. After 12 years of school I had had enough of the teachers crap, so I went to work. The problem is, getting a job and working for someone else does not make you money. Preforming a job duty makes the business owner money, and then you are paid a wage.

If school “really” wanted to prepare someone for the real world, why not teach students “how” to make money and to follow their dreams. Getting a job and working 40+ hours a week is not following my dreams. and working for someone else is not making money.

Everything that I learned in school about the real world was pretty much a lie. If it was not a lie, then I was mis-lead. Why should I go to work for someone else, and then get paid a small percentage of the bill for my labor?

Shouldn’t the person that does the work get paid the most? But most business models are opposite of that. the people that sit in the offices get paid the most, and the people that sweat and bleed get paid the least. For some reason school teaches students that is a fair lifestyle?

Time for another Rammstein song, Keine Lust, which suits my feelings right now. The song is about singers of a rock band that have lost their lust for life.

What school should teach people, is how to follow their dreams, and make a living doing it.

“Why” do we “have” to live our lives be someone elses standards and expectations?

When I was almost finished with high school people kept asking me what I wanted to do with my life.  What I “really” wanted to do was to go into Anthropology. But that field required me to move away from my family. I wanted to dig up lost cities and make new discoveries, but I like being close to my family. And, I did not even know where to start in the Anthropology field. What colleges are there to go to for Anthropology.

Instead of digging up bones, my wifes grand father got me into the welding field where I worked my late teenage and early twenties away. At 20 and 21 years old, who “really” wants to be working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week? But that is what I was doing.

Not only had school infringed on my personal time through homework, but my job had consumed my life. Working 12 hour shifts, you have just enough time to get a shower, get something to eat, get some sleep, and go to work. Family life was gone, and before I knew it my kids were growing up.

Is working 50 – 80 hours a week we are supposed to live our lives? Working for someone else and only getting a small penance for our labor?

Live your life how “you” want, and not the way that someone else wants you to live. Stand up, stand straight, its your life, and you only have 1 life to live.