Most Americans not prepared for a disaster

Personally, I think government has been pushed into so many parts of our lives, people have developed an attitude that government will “always” be there.  We call 911 and someone answers, we call the police and someone answers, we see the police patrolling in their cars, we see the news  TV about arrest being made,,, we have the mindset that government will “always” be there to protect us.

In 28 days later, after the guy leaves the church and is saved by the man and woman, they are sitting in a gas station talking. Either the woman or the man says “there is no government” – the guy that woke up in the hospital says something like “there has to be a government”.

In todays culture of instant satisfaction, not being able to get something within a few hours is a foreign thought to most people. We are used to going to burger king, sonic, and mcdonalds and getting something to eat. Having to wait for food is a concept that most Americans do not understand.

Its been decades since American society has had food shortages or rationing.  I worry that panic may set in if the government ever has to start rationing food, fuel or even water.

After hurricane Rita passed through and the food lines were setup. There were people calling the local radio station saying they did not have gas in their cars to drive to the food lines.

The people calling in had several days warning to buy supplies, but they did not listen to the warnings.

As my family was listening to the radio, we were playing rummy cube in the coffee table in the living room, with light provided by a lantern.  Before hurricane Rita made landfall my family and I had taken the time to pick up some extra supplies and we were ready for the storm.

The people on the radio were a good example of not being prepared, they thought the storm was going to pass and everything was going to be back to normal in a couple of hours. Instead of a couple of hours or a couple of days for things to return to normal, it was 2 – 3 weeks later.

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