Posting stuff on the internet

When you’re talking to someone in real life, words are like dust in the wind. But when you post stuff on the internet, its like etching your words in stone. The difference is, people can go back and read what you posted. Once your words are spread to the wind, they can not be retrieved, unless there was a recording.

A few days ago I started a thread about Hurricane Irene, the title of the thread was “Hurricane in the northeast, do you feel for them?”

I feel that I need to issue a public apology for that thread and my comments.

Disasters, lose of property and lose of life and nothing to take lightheartedly. These are serious issues, and my comments were out of line.

I apologize for my comments.

I have been though 2 hurricanes, and several tropical storms, so I know how it feels. After hurricane Ike passed through southeast Texas, my parents and the home I grew up in received 9 feet of storm surge. For over a year later I fought with depression and sadness. Its been almost 3 years, and I still get sad when I go to Bridge City.

The people in the Northeast have a rough road ahead of them. Recovery will take years – in both physical and physiological recovery. Roads can be rebuilt, trees can be removed, but feelings and memories take years to deal with. Some of the people that were affected by Irene may never recover, and that is one of the sadder facts.

After Hurricane Ike flooded Bridge City, an older couple that I know had to take their entire life savings and retirement to build a new house – because they did not have flood insurance.

Something I have learned over the years, when your wrong, your wrong, admit it and move forward.

What has happened over the past few days is a life lesson. Hopefully, I will not make the same mistake again, but I probably will.

Post your comments in this forum thread about my public apology.