Stockpiling SHTF Fishing Gear For Fishing After Collapse of Society

One of the things about keeping a stockpile of SHTF survival gear, is having a well rounded stockpile.  This includes having SHTF fishing gear on hand.  A lot of survivalist focus on various items, and often overlook at age old resource of fishing.

Some fishing gear on the market is cheap, so there is no excuse for not stockpiling at least the basics.

Stockpiling SHTF fishing gear for fishing after collapse of society

With tackle box and catfish bucket in hand, its time to take inventory of my fishing supplies.

Lets take a look at the tackle box first.  I have owned this tackle box for close to 16 years.  Its been just about everywhere fishing with me, everywhere from 30 and 45 miles offshore  in the Gulf of Mexico to lake Sam Rayburn.

My gear is divided into a couple of different boxes, with more gear stored in the gear room.

Stockpiling SHTF Fishing Gear

Ok, lets get started:

1 tackle box
2 spools 300 feet 330 pound tensile strength trotline string
1 spool 580 feet 235 pound tensile strength trotline string
1 package (8 qty) eagle claw lazer sharp 4/0 all purpose hooks
1 box (25 qty) mustard circle hooks 11/0
1 spool 30 feet nylon coated wire 60 pound test
1 package (15 qty) zoom tiny brush hog watermelon red
1 package (12 qty) eagle claw 3/0 safety snaps with barrel swivel
1 package (12 qty) zoom baby brush hog green pumpkin pearl
1 package (8 qty) zoom brush hog plum-apple
1 package (5 qty) vicious 4 inch jerky shad
2 packages (20 qty) zoom u-tale pumpkin chartreuse
1 package (8 qty) zoom brush hog watermelon red
1 package (10 qty zoom 5 inch lizard june bug
1 package (9 qty) zoom monster 10 1/2 bullfrog
1 package (9 qty) zoom 6 inch lizard cotton candy chart.
1 package (12 qty) zoom baby brush hog pumpkin spice
1 package (qty unknown) culprit classic worm
3 bags various artificial worms
1 bag (13 qty) bobbers aka corks
1 tape measure – for measuring fish length
3 spinner baits
1 stringer
1 spool zebco 8 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 10 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 12 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 20 pound monofilament line
1 spool zebco 30 pound monofilament line
3 tiny torpedoes
1 rattletrap
3 beetle spins
4 crankbaits
1 pair fingernail clippers – for cutting the monofilament line

Storage Boxes

In the bottom of the main tackle box are three small plastic boxes. Each box is setup for a different type of fishing – bass, perch and catfish.

Bass Fishing Box

The plastic storage box for my bass fishing gear has some cone shaped split weights, and hooks for setting up a weedless Texas rig. In this box I might have 50 weights and maybe 20 hooks.

Perch Fishing Box

The plastic box I have setup for perch fishing has weights on 1 side and hooks on the other side. I am not going to count all of the hooks and split, but lets estimate close to 100 round split weights of various sizes and maybe 50 – 75 various sized hooks for small perch.

Catfishing Box

This box is about 1.5 times larger then the bass and perch box. Same as the other boxes – hooks on one side and weights on the other side.

The majority of the weights in the catfish box are teardrop weights with a brass swivel. The swivel goes all the way through the weight. The hooks in the catfishing box vary in size around 1/0 and 2/0. I probably need to pick up some more circle hooks just for this box.

Catfishing Bucket

SHTF fishing supplies for catfish and trotlines

This is just a 5 gallon bucket that has a special lid on it.  The lid has compartments in it that are just right for hooks, weights, swivels,,, and other odds and ends.

1 package eagle claw (12 qty) size 7 barrel swivel with safety snap
1 package eagle claw (18 qty) size 1 barrel swivel
1 package eagle claw (12 qty) size 7 barrel swivel with interlocking snap
1 package 1/0 all purpose hooks
1 package 2/0 all purpose hooks
1 small multitool
various teardrop weights
1 spool 30 feet berkley nylon coated wire 30 pound test
1 package lazer connector sleeves size 3 – for homemade leaders
1 crimping tool – to crimp the sleeves

After looking through my fishing gear, there are some areas I want to improve on.

2 spools of 330 pound trotline string needs to be about twice that. Ideally I would like to have 4 or 5 spools in my SHTF fishing gear stockpile.

The 580 feet 235 pound trotline string, I need to pick up at least 2 or 3 more spools of that.

Not only is trotline string good for fishing, but it could also make for good barter material during some kind of long term SHTF survival situation.

Circle hooks – I would like to stockpile at least 3 or 4 more boxes oh good heavy circle hooks.

Monofilament line – I only have 1 spool of 12 pound test monofilament line.  I would like to pick up a couple of more spools of that.

My next fishing trip will probably be in 3 weeks.  I will try to post an article and video after that trip.