Stockpiling Trotline Supplies For After SHTF

Yesterday evening I started working on some trotlines to be put out Friday evening.  The first thing that I realized was how much supplies its going to take to deploy 2 trotlines about 150 long.

The line being used for the main beam comes in spools 300 feet long, and has a tensile strength rating of 330 pounds.  When you start running a line across a slew, 100 – 150 feet can go pretty quick.  One trotline I saw awhile back must have been close to 200 feet long.

Weldbilt boat on the Angelina River

Lets talk about running the main beam line of a trotline.  With the spools having 300 of line, your probably going to need 3, 4, 5 or even 6 spools of line for a SHTF stockpile.  This of course depends on how many trotlines your going to be running.

Some of the sloughs that I fish in are probably 75 – 100 feet wide.  With 300 feet per spool, I would only be able to run 2 or 3 lines across a slew.  If I was running a trotline across the main river, 300 feet would probably only get me 1 trip across the river.

About every 6 – 8 feet on the main beam I tied a loop knot.  In the loop knot I put a barrel swivel.  The first 8 – 10 feet of line is for tying around a tree.  From the first loop knot to the end of the line, I probably put about a dozen swivels on the trot line.  To put this into perspective, for each 300 foot spool of main line, your going to need about 2 dozen heavy duty swivels.

For the drop lines going from the swivel to the hook, I cut a section of line about 28 – 30 inches long, doubled it over, tied a loop knot at the end of the string, another loop knot about 2 inches down from the first knot.  About 2 – 3 inches up from the hook, I tied another loop knot.

Insert a section of line through the eye of the swivel, run the hook through the loop inserted through the eye and pull tight.

If you did everything right, you should have a drop line going from the main beam about 12 – 14 inches long.

For the drop lines, you use a smaller weight trotline string then what was used for the main  beam.  The line I am using is #36, which has a rating of 235 pounds and has 580 feet per spool.

Since the spools used for the drop lines have 580 feet on them, your only going to need a couple of spools.  The line used for the drop lines can also be used on jug lines.

Supplies I am looking at stockpiling:

3 or 4 spools of 330 pound line for the main beam

2 or 3 spools of 235 pound line for drop lines and jug lines

Several dozen heavy duty barrel swivels

Several dozen hooks

Now that we have talked about buying fishing and trotline supplies, lets go out on the river and do some fishing. In this video we head out friday evening, put out a trotline and 8 juglines. For the full story about fishing on the river, follow this link – running trotlines and juglines.