What a survivalist does on a weekend

Tentative plans, nothing set in stone right now.

Friday night my wife and I are having a couple of friends over for a movie.

Saturday morning I have a meeting for my Master Naturalist class at Martin Dies State Park

Saturday evening supposed to go to my parents farm to help my cousin build a hog pen and cut the grass around the fruit trees. With the lack of rainfall, I doubt there is going to be very much grass to cut.  My wife and I have been having to water the newly planted fruit trees just to keep them alive.

Might throw some jug lines out on the Angelina river right before dark. Last night my wife and I went to the local wal-mart where I bought some 1/0 hooks for noodles. I have about a dozen noodles ready to go, they just need to be baited and thrown in the river. The plan is the let the noodles float down the river overnight, then go get them the next morning.

Sunday morning head out on the river to pick up the jug lines and do some fishing. Fishing has not been too good, but we had some rain this past week, so maybe the fish has started biting.