Going Out on the Angelina River

Last Saturday my wife and I went out on the Angelina River south of Lake Sam Rayburn for a day of fishing and relaxation. Long story short, it was hot, my wife got sunburned, and she caught the only fish of the day.

I don’t know what it is, but the fish just were not biting. The fish were not biting pumpkin seed worms in a Texas rig, nor were they biting a beetle spin. The only thing we even got a nibble on was a worm on a perch hook.

Weldbilt boat on the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas

The boating trip really started on Friday.  The boat was uncovered, the battery charged, rods pulled out of the closet, and some drop lines were made up.  One thing that I wanted to try Saturday was some drop lines.

So I went to wal-mart, bought a couple of noodles that most people keep in their swimming pools.  The noodle measured something like 56 inches long.   In the end, I had 8 noodles measuring 7 inches long.

Drop Lines made from foam pool noodles
Drop Lines made from foam pool noodles

Drop Line From Foam Pool Noodle

White trot line string was used.  The lines were cut so that the hooks and weights would be around 6 – 10 feet deep.

The drop line system needed to be modular. Meaning, the hooks could be replaced easily and the weights cold be replaced at anytime. The system I came up with was just to tie some loops at the end of the line. For the weights, swivel type tear drop weights were used. The hooks had a piece of sting threaded through the eye, tied, and then the ends burned.

The only issue was that the noodle I bought was pink, and by Texas fishing regulations, drop lines have to be white. So back I went to wal-mart, get some white duct tape, then wrapped the outside of the noodle with the white tape. I also had to write my name, address and phone number on the noodle were it was visible.

My wife and I got a late start as we headed out around 8:30 or 9:00am.  We made a trip to the corner store, grabbed a bag of ice, some snacks, then headed to Bevil Port.  We launched the boat where Farm to Market Road 2799 intersects the Angelina river. From the boat launch we headed south to Bee Tree Slough.

Bee Tree Slough near Jasper, Texas on the Angelina River

Bee Tree Slough

Bee Tree Slough Is full of winding waterways, cypress and willow trees, gators, birds, and all kinds of other wildlife. From the time my wife and I left our house, to the time reached Bee Tree Slough was about 30 – 45 minutes. During that 30 – 45 minutes, it was like we went back in time 1,000 years. There are no sounds or sights of modern society, except for the random pieces of trash floating in the water, which are mostly empty water bottles or empty beer bottles.

As my wife and I headed into the slough, we dropped off the drop lines as we trolled in with the intention of picking up the line son the way out.

What gets me, Bee Tree Slough seems like a perfect place for fish to hang out. The water does not move very fast, there is lots of areas for smaller fish to hide, but we caught nothing.

After about an hour of trolling through the slough and not catching anything, my wife and I decided to head back to the main river. On the way out we picked up the drop lines, and did not catch anything on them either.

Once on the main river we headed north to another slough. This second fishing place was were my wife caught the only fish of the day, and where we saw the only gator of the day. Back out to the main river and north to a camping site called Hamilton Lake 1.

Hamilton Lake 1 is a camping spot where my son, my nephew and I went camping in 2010. Its a nice shady spot with a picnic table, fire ring and a pole to hang a lantern from.  My wife and I got our ice chest out of the boat, had a bite to eat, and something to drink before we went to the next fishing spot.  After maybe 15 – 20 minutes we loaded back up and headed to the next spot.

As fate would have it, we did not catch anything at the next spot either. As we arrived at the last spot, we put out all 6 drop lines, let them sit for maybe 30 minutes as we trolled around the bank.

After about 4 hours of sitting in the hot sun, and only catching 1 fish, my wife and I headed home.

Better luck next time.