Plague of the early 21st century

I think I finally figured out what the plague of the early 21st century is.  Its not swine flu, bird flu, or even Yersinia pestis (the Black Death/Bubonic Plague). The plague of the early 21st century is drugs. Its not just illegal drugs, but also legal drugs that are destroying our society from within.

Over the past few weeks I found that, that several of my associates are doing illegal and legal drugs.

One young lady tried to kill herself, not only once, but twice. She is abusing a combination of prescription pain killers and alcohol.

A close friend of mine, his son tried bath salts, had an asthma attack and had to be rushed to the emergency room because he almost stopped breathing.

Another friend is smoking K2.

Another associate is abusing bath salts.

Except for the one that is abusing prescription pain killers, all of the rest say they use K2 and bath salts because they are legal. The pint of what the drugs do to your body is never brought up. Its because their “legal” is the reason. K2 was recently outlawed, but the question is, what took so long? From the wikipedia article on K2, its been around for several years. So why hasn’t the US Government, the FDA and other government agencies done something sooner? But like most government bureaucracies, the agencies overseeing drugs like bath salts and K2 have drug their feet doing something about this scourge on our society.

Scourge of the 21st century

The scourge on mankind from the middle ages has probably been alcohol. But times change, and the new plagues are maybe a 1,000 times worse then alcohol. These days we have crystal meth, crack, bath salts, k2, heroine, cocaine,,,, things that have you hooked from the first time you try them.

Some people say that bath salts and k2 are not additive, that they are just recreational drugs. Since I have done neither, I can not offer a first hand opinion. But from talking to those that have abused those drugs, they must have something additive to them – or else people would not be acting the way they do towards the drugs.

What I do not understand, why do people volunteer for this new plague? This is a disease that our society and culture has allowed to happen.

Our military are sent overseas to fight terrorist, but in the grand scheme of things, I am willing to bet that drug abuse has killed more people then terrorist have. So where is the war on drugs? Why are substances like bath salts and k2 allowed to be imported. If the government does not allow certain types of firearms to be imported, why are drugs allowed to be imported.

Lets go back to the 1980s when I was in school. Sure we had problems with kids smoking weed. But the number of kids abusing illegal drugs todays seems a lot higher then it was 25 years ago. When I was in High School, for the most doing drugs was frowned upon. Today, its no big deal, everyone is doing it.

How did this happen

What has allowed our society to be pulled down to this point? Some might say its a lack of GOD in our everyday lives, but I do not think that is it. Christians drink beer and wine, then excuse their actions because Jesus drank wine.

Maybe its a lack of family values. With something like 75% of marriages ending in divorce, maybe its a breakdown of the family unit that has contributed to more kids using drugs?

Maybe its a lack of education in our schools?  With school funding running short, certain programs are being cut.  I am not sure where our public health programs are doing, but maybe something on the education level has changed.

Cure for the new plague

What is the cure for this new plague?  I do not know.  You can talk to your kids all you want, but its going to be their decision in the end.

Better education programs?  The stuff I saw in my 9th grade health class helped steer me away from drugs – especially heroine, cigarettes and cocaine.

Putting GOD back into our society?  I doubt that will change anything.  People have been acting this way for the past couple of thousand years.  Even when the Christian church was at it strongest, people still had issues with drugs and alcohol.

Personally, I think its a break down of the moral fabric that holds our society together.  Its people being selfish, self centered, not caring about how their actions affect those around them, I think that is the biggest issue.

If people cared about each other a little bit more, then maybe this new plague would not be an issue.