Crawfish Boil for My Wifes Birthday Party

My wifes birthday is next week, and my step daughters birthday was a week ago, so we held a happy birthday party together for both of them this weekend.

The plans started Tuesday of last week when my wife and I reserved 70 pounds of crawfish at the local meat market.

Thursday my wife and I went to the local grocery store to pick up some supplies for the weekend, and for a mylar bag project I am working on.  We bought of crawfish boil spice, AAA energizer lithium batteries, powered pancake mix, sausage links, potato salad (red skin), boudain,,,, and a few other supplies

Friday night we had a friend of the family and her 2 kids spend the night with us. Her husband is serving in Afghanistan. It was nice to visit with her and just talk about life, kids, and just life in general.  Our friend was passing through, and does not get to eat crawfish very often.  So my wife and I invited her to spend the night and to join the celebrations Saturday.

Bright and early saturday morning my wife and I went to meat market, got the crawfish, got some ice, another propane cylinder, went back home and started setting everything up.

At 11:00 I fired up the crawfish burner, put the water on, and 1.5 bags of crawfish boil spice in the pot. About 20 minutes later the water was boiling, and the first batch of crawfish was put in.

For the second and third batches of crawfish the remaining 1/2 a bag of spice was added.

For the fourth and fifth batches, a whole bag of spice was added.  After eating some mudbugs later, I think the fourth and fifth batches turned out the best.  They were not hot enough to leave a burning sensation on your lips, but hot enough so you could deferential taste it.

I usually let the water get back to a rolling boil and leave the crawfish in the water for another 10 minutes. Crawfish, like a lot of shell fish call all kinds of bacteria and parasites. I figure 10 minutes in a rolling boil should be good to kill anything the crawfish are carrying.

Having a crawfish boil in Southeast Texas

At around 12 our guest started showing up. The first batch of crawfish had been pulled out and the second batch was in the pot by noon.

My wife wanted some boiled shrimp. After the first batch of crawfish, I dumped a couple of pound of pre-cooked shrimp into the pot and boiled them for 10 minutes.

By the time all of the crawfish had been boiled, 2 hours had passed, and I had cooked 5 basket loads.  Now it was time to eat.

While everyone else had been eating, I had been cooking.  So it my time to chow down.  Instead of paper plates, we had plastic platters that are about 18 inches across and 1 /2 inches deep. Eating crawfish off paper plates is a futile effort. With crawfish you need a real plate so those mudbugs can be stacked deep.

eating crawfish sausage and boudain

Besides the crawfish, we also cooked sausage links, hot dogs (for the kids), and boudain on the grill.  For side dishes, we had chip, dip, pickles,,,, just all kinds of good stuff.

For her birthday, I got my wife a new lens for her canon camera – a Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III to be exact.

Somewhere around 1:30 or so my dad, mom, nephew, uncle, and my uncles soon to be wife showed up.  My daughter was with my nephew – they had gone 4-wheeler riding Friday night and had spent the night at the camp with my mom and dad.

For the little kids to have something to do, we setup a 10 foot by 20 foot tarp, got out the water sprinkler, got some tear-free shampoo and made a homemade slippy-slide. The tear free shampoo makes the tarp slippery, but does not burn the kids eyes. Some of the kids even washed their hair while the sprinkler was going.

My dad had gone Turkey hunting Saturday morning and did not get back to the camp until about noon, so they were running a little late getting to the party.  After the rest of my family arrived, my dad must have finished off 2 platters of crawfish, my nephew got a yard hammock out of truck, set it up and took a nap.

Around 6pm or 6:30pm we decided to shut everything down. The plates were rounded up, the last of the food was put up, ice chest was brought inside and the chairs were put up. Everyone seemed to have a good time. One thing is for sure, nobody left hungry.