Faecbook needs a Do Not Recommend button

survivalistWhile reading an article about the 12 vaccines your child needs, I wished that Facebook had a “Do Not Recommend” button. The article listed Chicken Pox as a needed vaccine. Its at that time the article lost all credibility. Even though there was a Facebook Recommend button, I wished there was a “Do Not Recommend” button.

Who in their right mind list chicken pox along with Hepatitis and Polio? Does chicken pox cause life long suffering? No, its a simple virus that kids used to get on a regular basis. The chicken pox vaccine is nothing more then a convince drug. Instead of researchers spending time on HIV or Cancer, their wasting time researching a common childhood disease.

Let the kids get sick, let their bodies develop a strong immune system, and they will probably be better off later in life.

Some buttons I wished Facebook had:

The author is biased
The article is stupid
I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this article
The article is a sales pitch
The article was paid for by some company wants to sell you something
The article was designed to make you think you have to buy something
If you want an honest opinion, go somewhere else