New calls for gun control

With the recent shooting of Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, calls for gun control once more rise from the dead. Economists Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig had something to say about gun control and high capacity magazines on CNN.

There is a question in the article I would like to address

Was it a mistake in 2004 for Congress to sunset the assault weapons ban

No, letting the assault weapons ban expire was not a mistake – congress bailing out the banks was a mistake, not abolishing the IRS was a mistake, establishing and income tax almost 100 years ago was a mistake, the public re-electing the same people into congress over and over is a mistake, calling for strict gun laws after a single event is a mistake, calling for strict gun laws at all is a mistake.  There are already enough gun laws on the books, we do not need anymore, just enforce the ones we have.

If we are also going to talk about gun control, then we also need to talk about banning cars, trucks, tobacco, earthquakes, and even water.

I’am pretty sure that thousands of lives could be saved every year by banning water and thus prevent someone from drowning. Before you get a glass of water, you should have to go through an FBI background check, get some kind of training, and wait 5 days after the glass of water permit has been filed to get your water.

Do you know how many children drown every year in swimming pools alone, not counting rivers, lakes, bathtubs, ponds, streams,,,,,,.

Then there are the cases where parents drown their children in the bathtub. To make sure nobody has access to a bathtub or water, both most be outlawed or at least restricted. This would also prevent accidental drowning in bathtubs.

Sonny Bono was killed during a skiing trip when he struck a tree. We either need to outlaw skiing, snow, or trees. If we outlawed skiing, how many injuries could be prevented and how many lives could be saved, and maybe Sonny Bono would still be with us.

If a child drowns in a swimming pool, its not even on the world news.

If an elected official hits a tree and dies, ok, it was an accident and its no big deal.

If an elected official gets shot, all of a sudden people panic and call for more gun control.

What this country needs is more common sense, and less spur of the moment panic decisions.

By calling for more gun control, the government is just going to isolate moderates, and insult law abiding gun owners.