The fridge went out

The fridge my wife and I use to keep our food cold stopped working last night.  Yesterday my wife noticed that the freezer did not seem as cold as usual, and was taking a long time to freeze the ice in the ice maker.  And last night, the food in the freezer side started thawing out.

The fridge / freezer combo unit it an upright – side by side unit with ice and water in the door.  A lot of people dont care about the ice or water in the door, but I like it due to sanitary reasons.  When we have a get-together, without the ice dispenser in the door, everyone would be digging their hands in the ice bucket of the freezer.  How do I know they washed their hands after going poopy?  Plus, we have small kids in the family and how do I know that the mom and dad washed their hands good after changing a diaper?  So to help prevent the spread of disease through common contact with the ice cubes, I like the ice dispenser in the door.

One problem we are having is finding a unit that will hit in the hole.  One guy suggested that we take the cabinets down on 1 side – but I do not see that as s feasible solution.

The nearest upright fridge / freezer side-by-side that will work is in Beaumont, Texas – which is about a hours drive from Jasper.  So this evening my wife and I will probably have to go to Beaumont, get a new unit and drive it back.