2011 garden plans

snap beans survivalist gardenIt looks like the drought of 2010 killed off some of my young peach trees, so those will have to be replaced. Currently I have 1 nice sized plum tree, and 3 or 4 peach trees. At least 2 of the peach trees will have to be replaced. Instead of replanting both peach trees, I’am probably going to plant 1 more plum tree. That will give my 2 plum trees and maybe 4 peach trees.

One of the peach trees that I planted last year looks good, so its going to be pruned to make room for more branch development.

2 of the pear trees need to be pruned – the limbs are a little long and almost hang to the ground when loaded with pears.

All of the trees need to be fertilized.

As for the home garden – I think I’am going to plant some cucumbers, tomatoes, peas,,, and I really want to plant some okra this year. Okra is a warm weather crop. Here in east Texas, Okra can no be planted until around May.

We will probably plant a community garden this year,,,, but just where the garden will be planted I do not know. Where we planted the garden last year, the guy who lives next to the garden let his dogs run through it.

Here is a video from 2010 about planting a community garden.

Rabbits – I would really like to get some rabbits this year, but where can I keep them at?

Potatoes – I would like to plant a bunch of potatoes this year, but that is going to have to be at the camp.  For the amount of potatoes I want to plant, we will need to get the tractor out, and its probably going to be a whole weekend project.

Snap Beans – These will probably be planted right behind the house for ease of access.  My wife and I like to pick snap beans, boil and serve as a side dish.

Peas – When I plant peas, its usually the purple pink eye.  These have to be harvested, shelled, and stored until ready to eat.  I find snap beans a lot easier to grow, cook and eat then peas.

Tomatoes – Last year I killed the tomatoes.  I got a laundry spray and a pesticide mixed up – the bottles looked the same.  The tomatoes smelled good after they were sprayed down, but they died a few days later.

Watermelons – I’am undecided about planting any water melons this year,,, I just dont know.

Corn – I’am not sure about planting corn this year, the deer and raccoons usually get more then I do.

As spring gets closer, I post some more updates about my 2011 garden.

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