Why do we miss the good ole days

maxpedition vulture-iiAs I’am sitting here thinking about old friends, people that I knew from years ago, and some of the games that I used to play on the PC – I wonder why people look back and think about the “good ole days?”  These times are pretty good, there is nothing wrong with right here and now.  So why does 10 years ago seem like it is better then today?  Maybe we forget about the worries back then?  Maybe the memory seems like things were less stressful back then?  I dont know, but there are a lot of things I miss about the late 1990s.

One thing that I miss was my job at Allied Fabrication in Rose City, Texas. Those people were some good people to work for. But when the work got low, they let me go. When I was working at Allied, I would come home, eat dinner, then make my bike ride, and do my workout. Then there were the camping trips with my buddies into the bayous around Orangefield and Bridge City, Texas. And then there was taking my family to the camp for the weekend.

Then there is the regret, like the time one of my sons ran over some brush that had been cut down and jammed a stick into the gear shift linkage. I got onto him a little hard about that. But he should not have been riding through where the timber company had cut the trees. There was a trail and he should have stayed on it.

Something else I regret, I feel that I did not spend enough time with my family. Sometimes we get consumed with what “we” want, instead of what the family wants.

camping on the angelina riverLike the summer of 2009, my family and I did almost nothing that summer. In the summer of 2008 we went to the lake, went fishing,,,, just did all kinds of stuff. But for some reason we did not hardly do anything during the summer of 2009. But, I tried to make up of that in the summer of 2010. My son, my nephew and I went camping on time. Then my son and I went camping 2 more times on the Angelina River, we went out on the boat, went fishing, saw some gators,,,,,,, we did a lot of stuff between June 2010 and August 2010.

For the first couple of trips on the river I let me son use my little Wenzel Starlight one person tent.  But by the last trip I bought him a Wenzel Lone Tree Hiker Tent.  The new tent gave me son a lot more space to move around and store his gear.

Before we went camping on the river, my son and I took the boat out to look at the camping spots. It was a cool day, it was a nice day to be outside and enjoy nature.

Lets go back to the 1990s, back when I was playing Quakeworld with my buddies Spacie, Revy, Shonuff, Sarge, Mr Grim and the rest of the 21+ clan.  Those were the good ole days of dial up internet with PerNet communications.  Back then you were doing good to get 150 ping.  These days, if your ping gets over 100, its too high.

Those were the good ole days of Doom, Diablo, Quake, Warcraft II, Command & Conquer, Windows 98 and Windows 98.  I see gamers these days talking about Quad core or Hexacore CPUs, and I think back to my little Pentium 166 mhz CPU with 16 megs of memory.

I remember the first time I saw Diablo (not Diablo II) – I was over at a buddies house and he was playing D1. He explained how to play Diablo and told me that I should buy the game. After a few days I decided to go ahead and buy Diablo – even though it did not look that good. Boy was I surprised, it was a great game. I most have spent the next 5 or 6 months playing Diablo every chance I got.

I have my buddy Andrew (aka AcidBreath) to thank for the 10mb hub so my kids and I could play Quake multiplayer together.

Those were the days of Windows 95 and 1 – 2 gig hard drives.  When I got my 8 gig Quantum Bigfoot drive, I thought I would never fill 8 gigs up.  And now a single game is 8 gigs.

When my buddy Spacie would have a fireworks show for New Years and July 4th, my family and I would go watch – those were the good ole days.

But for some reason life changed,,,, or maybe I changed.  Instead of going to my buddies fireworks show last year, my family and I stayed at home.  Maybe we dont get out enough?  Maybe instead of getting out and visiting friends, I’am content to sit at home?  And that can get pretty boring.

When I was in junior high and high school, my buddies and I would head out to the woods and go camping every chance we got.  The only worry we had was making sure we had mosquito repellent, food and some water while camping. These days, it seems like I worry about everything.  I worry about my job, being able to pay the bills, and I worry about my kids.  How will life treat them?  Will they go to college and make something of themselves, or will life deal them a harsh card?

Maybe the “worry” is why people look back and think the past was better? Maybe because we forget about the little details and remember the bigger things that happened?

Why do we miss past girlfriends when we are married? Why do we miss an old car or truck when we have something better? Why do we miss the 1980s or the 1990s, when we are going towards 2011?

Why do we miss anything at all? Why dont we look forward, and leave the regret of the past in the past?

I dont have the answers to life questions. But if I did, would it change anything? Probably not.

But know one thing, we can learn from our past mistakes and try not to repeat them. When the summer of 2010 came around, I made myself a promise that my kids and I would go do something. My daughter wanted to stay with her mom during the summer, so I could only take my son, nephew and son-in-law camping – so that is what we did. As I look back on the summer of 2010, I have few regrets, we had a good time, built some good memories, made some youtube videos and took some pictures.

And now, I am looking forward to the summer of 2011. So that when 2020 rolls around, I can look back and say “those were the good ole days.”