The recent election results

mercury warning dam b jasper texasThe election results of November 2 say 2 things, the American people are as gullible as a 6 years old, and they do not want change too bad.

Do you “really” think there is any difference between the democrap and republicant parties?  Regardless of “Who” i in power, we still have:

Free trade
China still has most favored trade nation status
Coal burning plants still pollute our waterways
Illegal immigration is still a problem
Income tax
Health care is still an issue

When Obama was elected president, I thought that maybe, just maybe we can get this health care stuff fixed.  That may we can get universal health care for everyone.  But what it turned out to be, is a sales pitch for the insurance companies.  When the people are forced to buy a product, something is wrong.  The people that stand to get the most profits had their hand in the cookie jar.

Do the American people “really” think that voting a bunch of Republicants into office is going to make any difference?  I seriously doubt it.

What really pisses me off, is when I go to a local lake, and there is a health advisory posted saying not to eat a certain amount of fish. What has this world come to when chemical plants and coal fired power plants can contaminant our waterways? What are we supposed to tell our kids and grand kids? That we did not care about their future? That we did not care about the planet? That we did not care if its safe to eat the fish? But for some reason, our government allows stuff like this to go on.

True change in government starts with just that “true change” – people have to change the way they vote.  The people can not vote the same 2 political parties into office and expect true change.

I vote straight line Libertarian Party – because I vote for real change. If you want real change in government, I suggest you vote for someone besides the democraps and republicants.