Survival items for your car

toyota t100 truckMy wife and I went home for lunch, turned on the TV, and there was this lady who was talking about items everyone should keep in their car. 1 thing she listed was a digital tire pressure gauge. She went on to talk about how nobody uses those $1 stem pressure gauges. About this time, I started thinking “lady, do you even own a car or truck?” 1 thing about those old style stem tire gauges compared to a newer digital one – the battery will never go dead. Usually, when I put something in my truck or my wifes SUV, it might stay in there for months before its used.

1. Hand crank cell phone charger – one of the big drawbacks to modern technology, they require power. Cells phones make calling people easy, but the phone has to be charged. This is where a hand crank cell phone charger comes in – it makes sure you have a working phone when you need it.

2. Hand crank flashlight – over time batteries will slowly lose their charge, so to make sure that your flashlight is working when you need it, eliminate the batteries.

3. Can of fix-a-flat and air compressor – Maybe it will be enough for you to get to a gas station.

4. Basic tool kit and duct tape – pliers, vice grips, screw driver, duct tape, pocket knife, crescent wrench.

5. Non-digital, old style air gauge with a stem, they do not use batteries like the new digital ones.

6. Couple of reflective triangles – these reflect the head lights of other cars and make your car easier to see at night.

7. Space blanket – their lightweight, compact and reflect a good bit of your body heat.

8. Tow strap / tow chain – a strap works better because it gives a little bit. Also, there is a chance of the chain breaking and flying back and hitting someone. A few months ago there was a man killed in Jasper, Texas because the tow chain broke when he was trying to pull a truck out of a mud hole. The chain broke, it flew back and hit the guy in the head, killing him instantly.

9. Map – as silly as it sounds, a lot of people do not have a map in their truck / car.

10. Bungee cords / tie down straps – if you own a truck, you never know when you might have to tie something down.

11. First kit

12. Fire extinguisher

13. Tissue / toilet paper – not only are they good for when you need to leave a crap in the woods, tissue is good for starting fires and taking care of minor wounds.

14. Hand sanitizer- good for cleaning your hands and taking care of minor wounds.