Worse Yet to Come for United States Markets

Think things are bad now?  Lets just wait a few more months.

The Federal Reserve is talking out printing more money out of thin air, think of post World War I Germany and hyper inflation.

Wheat prices approach a 22 month high, pushed up by failed wheat crops in Russia.
Banks not selling foreclosed homes – their hoping to hang onto the homes so that when the market improves, the homes can be dumped for a better price then the banks can get right now. This will cause home prices to drop even more, or to stagnate. Which is good for the average working people, maybe we will be able to buy a home then.

  • Walmart has rolled back its rollbacks.
  • Food prices have reached a 2 year high.
  • JP Morgan post third quarter 2010 net income of $4.4 Billion – for banks to be making money, that means other people are losing money.
  • China still have most favored nation trade status.
  • We still have the income tax.
  • The Federal Reserve is still in control of the American economy.
  • The 2 major parties still hold power over congress.
  • Companies in several states are being accused of foreclosure fraud.

Everything in that list is based off the bottom – the 2 major parties are still in power. If you want real change in this nation, your going to have to vote different, and that means voting for someone besides Democrat or Republican.

The problems this nation face lie in the hands of the people – and the way we vote. If the people vote for the same parties over and over, then do not expect any real change. If you want change, vote like it. If your sick and tired of the way this nation is being run, then vote for the Libertarian party. You want to know what would be nice, if no political party had control over congress. The ideal situation would be for power to be shared by 3 or more parties. That way, no 1 party has the ability to push legislation through congress.

As for job creation, forget it. The jobs being created are for low wage workers in China. Go to Wal-mart, Best Buy, Target,,,,, look at the electronics section, just about everything is made in China, or some other country. Its not that American workers are too expensive, its that companies want to squeeze until they get that last drop of profits.  Then the companies can report back to their stockholders – “we had a record year, but we had to lay off your neighbors, so your taxes are going to go up to help support them. But dont worry, they will fond another job “somewhere.”

Back in the 1990s we were warned about free trade and the long term effects – but people either did not listen or did not care. Well, guess what, its come back to bite us in the butt.

Back in the early 2000s, people were warned not to pass laws that would allow home equity laws. But guess what, people did not listen. After states like Texas allowed home equity loans, people started taking out loans, and people started losing their houses. Guess what people, you NEVER take a loan out on your house – EVER!!!!! Your home is your castle, its the place you and your family lay your head. Its not some commodity to be traded or loans taken out on.

Has the era of common sense passed us by? Whatever happened to people be responsible for their actions and their money?

Whatever happened to companies being responsible to the community?  I do not care if some low wage worker is out of a job in China, it does not affect me.  But what does affect me, is if my neighbor got laid off and is having to draw social assistance like food stamps.  Then my tax dollars have to go towards those families.

Stop the free trade, and stop the predatory lending by banks – but none of that is going to happen until people vote different.