The 1990s From a Survivalist Point of View

Looking back at the entire 1990s, I feel that my life was consumed with politics and conspiracy theories. We had the Persian Gulf conflict, NAFTA, GATT, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Assault Rifle Ban, European Union,,,, only to name a few. Those events helped fan the fires of conspiracy theories and helped people who spread doom and gloom for profit.

Late 1990s – Everything seemed to have started back around October 1990 when there was a UN and United States military response to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait. Countries get invaded all the time, what made Kuwait so special – they had oil. This led to the theory that large oil companies controlled the US government – which I partially believe. When oil companies need to protect their investments, they call in the big guns, which is the US military.

Ruby Ridge in 1992 – innocent people were murdered by the government, and nobody was held responsible.

And it was not “just” Ruby Ridge, it was the U.S. Senate hearings that followed, the finger pointing, and the lack action on part of the government. The people that were supposed to protect the public from an out of control Government failed to do their job.

Waco Siege in 1993 – Hot on the heels of Ruby Ridge came Waco and the slaughter of innocent children (who were burned to death), and nobody was held responsible.

When the siege started, the news said it was for suspected illegal conversion of weapons to full-auto and explosives.  A few days after the siege started, the focus shifted to child abuse allegations.  No modified weapons were ever found in the rubble. Its funny how during the event, the news went from talking about weapons to child abuse allegations over night. It was like the news was being told what to say.

European Union was established in 1993 – which forced a lot of European nations to give up their sovereignty. A lot of people saw this same thing coming to the USA, but in the form of the North American Union.

Federal assault weapons ban in 1994 – signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

Some gun owners saw this is the first step in outlawing firearms. Ruby Ridge tested the public, and how much outrage there would be if the government had to siege a house. The coming gun bans would make sure the protesting public would not be armed.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 – people saw this as a for runner to the North American Union, which would abolish American sovereignty. We were one step close to giving up our rights and coming under the control of some foreign body that the people did not elect.

World Trade Organization established in 1995 – even though Bill Clinton ran on a platform of no free trade. After he was elected, he flipped flopped on the free trade issue.

United nation commercials on Bloomberg TV 1994, 1995, 1996? – I’am not 100% sure of the dates of this one, so don’t quote me on it. But on the Bloomberg channel, they would run pro UN commercials. The commercials showed UN troops standing in the rain with a narrator saying “when disaster strikes, the UN will be there to protect you”,,,,, or something like that.

In other words, the US government is here to kill you and your family like they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and the UN is here to help.

The biggest problem with conspiracy theories – nobody in the public is doing anything about it. After Bill Clinton flipped on the free trade issue, I started voting for the Libertarian Party – because I vote for real change.

After Ruby Ridge and Waco the people should have replaced the Government. Instead, continued to vote the way they normally do – democrat and republican.

After NAFTA and GATT was passed, and Bill Clinton did an about-face on free trade, he should have never been re-elected. The people should have stood up and took a stand against politicians that lie to the public. Instead, what happened? Bill Clinton was re-elected. This re-assured the people in Government that its ok to lie and get away with it.

If the people of this nation will elect candidates like Clinton and Obama – we have no hope.

The way I see it, the people of this nation are getting what they deserve. Instead of voting for people like Ross Perot and Ron Paul, people like clinton and obama get elected. What do the people really expect to happen?