Starting over with physical fitness

deer standOver the past 2 months (August and September 2010) I have had to restart my physical fitness training twice.  The first time was in the first week of August, the second time was in September.

In the first week of August I came down with some kind of illness that caused vomiting, and fever in excess of 102 degrees.  The first signs were Sunday August 1st with a feeling of discomfort, August 2 I had a 101 fever, the 3rd I was in the bed with a fever around 102 and nausea, the 4th high fever and  nausea, Thursday night into Friday morning I was up at 2am vomiting and with a fever of between 102 – 1.2.3, so my wife rushed me to the local emergency room at Christus Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Texas.

After a series of lab work the doctors could not figure out what was wrong, but I started to recover.  The doctors think it was some kind of virus, but my Hepatitis A, B and C test all came back negative.

7 – 8 days before I started feeling bad, I had gone camping and gotten two ticks on my back.  So the doctors tested for popular tick borne diseases – Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis but all of the test came back negative.

Long story short I stayed in the hospital 3 days and was released Monday August 9, 2010. The doctor said no physical activity for another week, and told me to stay home for another 3 days.

After that illness, I felt that I had lost some of the physical fitness that I had gained in the weeks before. The first time back on the treadmill took more energy then just 2 weeks before. So I felt that I was starting all over again.

Fast forward 3 weeks. I was going for 2.5 miles on the treadmill, so at the start of the week I bumped it up to 3.5 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes. This is a good steady pace – not too fast and not too slow. Got off the treadmill, rested for a little bit, played some Left 4 Dead 2 and went to bed around 10:30pm.

Got up the next morning, got ready for work, walked down the steps from my house, and a shooting pain went through my knee. This pain was bad enough to make me say “ow that hurt.” After staying off the treadmill and taking ibuprofen for almost 3 weeks the pain has finally gone way.

Last night I got on the treadmill for the first time in almost 3 weeks – speed was at 2.5 miles per hour, and I only walked for only .55 miles. The good thing, no pain the next day. The bad thing, I could feel that I have lost a lot of the physical fitness that I had gained in June and July. Its like I’am having to start all over again from a mystery illness and a knee injury. But that is just the way life is. If the horse throws you off, you get right back on. So now, I’am going to set a goal to be back at 3.5 miles in 1 hour, some light weights and crunches for a total workout of 1 hour and 15 minutes – 1 hour and 20 minutes by the end of October.

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