Faisal Shahzad gets life in prison

Its official, Faisal Shahzad has received a life sentence for the failed attempt to set off a bomb in Times Square of New York. After being sentenced, Faisal Shahzad stated that he would “sacrifice a thousand lives for Allah” and that the “War with Muslims has just begun.”

On a personal note, I’am wondering if we are not seeing a new type of terrorist. One that does not try to highjack a plane, but instead, one that brings the fight to the people on the streets. Since the 1970s terrorist have been associated with trying to highjack a plane and either destroy it, killing everyone inside, or hold the plane hostage until certain demands have been met.

Starting on September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were brought to the USA with the destruction of the twin towers. And now, I’am wondering if the fight has not been brought to the streets?

How long will until we see terrorist on the streets of New York city with rifles and home-made bombs? It may be never, but could it be tomorrow?

Another point that needs to be brought up, if the government can not stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border, how can terrorist be stopped from entering the country illegally? How long will it be until a terrorist walks across the border of Texas, or Arizona with a suitcase nuke, and takes a ride to Washington DC?

If the government was serious about this so called “war on terror” – wouldn’t they at the very least secure our borders? But instead, the federal government tries to stop states from passing laws to enforce border security. Its like the government is saying “we are serious about security, but we are going to leave our doors and windows unlocked at night while we sleep.” – that is almost laughable, if it were not so sad.

Another issue that needs to be brought up, the longer we stay in Afghanistan, the more we will be seen as an occupying force. The longer we are seen as the invader, the more people that will take up arms against the USA.

Think about it just for a minute – if China invaded the USA, overthrew our government and established a puppet government the way they wanted – wouldn’t you be a little mad? I know I would be.

Before its over, I look for more people just like Faisal Shahzad to take the fight to the American people.