Christine O’Donnell seems to have it right

In a statement made in 2006, Christine O’Donnell said that China is planning on taking over the USA – and I agree with her.

Communist China gets most favored trade nation status time and time again – regardless of their human rights record.
Communist China is soaking up manufacturing jobs right and left.
Communist China has a monopoly on certain critical parts – like the entire electronics field.
Communist China continues to increasing its nuclear stockpile, while other countries are decreasing their stockpile.
Communist China has built some of the the largest bomb shelters in the world.
Communist China has the worlds largest standing army.
Communist China continues to oppress its people – no freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no right to keep and bear arms.
Communist China may be developing a Navy to challenge the USA for naval supremacy.
Communist China has built the worlds largest hyrdo-electric dam.

Combine that with an article posted on CNN awhile back, Industry experts: Less ‘made in USA’ puts security at risk.

Lets see if we can put the pieces together:

World trade organization founded to eliminate tariffs – this ensures companies move to china to use their cheap labor.
Most favored trade nation status given to China – under pressure by big business that is making millions in profits from no tariffs.
Millions of American manufacturing jobs shipped to China – to take advantage of the cheap labor.
Factors that could be re-tooled for war time efforts close and are dismantled – leaving the USA open to attack.
The number of skilled American workers starts to decline – and has been declining since the early 1980s.

Unlike during World War II, we have no factories – they have been closed and shipped to Communist China.  Once our supply of ships, tanks, weapons, steel, oil, computer chips, circuit boards, computer memory, computer CPUs, boots, hats, clothes, are depleted,,,,,,that’s it we are back in the stone age.

In times of war – a real war where cities are being bombed – factories could be re-tooled to produce weapons and supplies. But with no factories, we have nothing to re-tool.

If trade relations between the USA and China broke down, who do you “really” think would be hurt the most, the USA or China? Just about everything sold in the Big Box Marts is made in China – everything from toys, to clothes, to boots, to hats, to computer monitors, to the latest DVD movie that released last Tuesday.

The truth is, China has the USA in a choke hold, all the have to do is squeeze a little bit. Could we “really” fight a war with someone that supplies us with everything? When that supply line is cut off, we are left with nothing. We can not fight a war with nothing.

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