The lack of humanity by the government

angelina river jasper texasThis is just my personal opinion, but I have always felt that certain people in the Government lack a sense of humanity.  When developing biological weapons, did the scientist ever ask themselves if they should “really” develop the weapons?  When the companies were making land mines, was there ever a discussion on their impacts on people after the war.  While coal burning plants contribute to mercury contamination of fish and our waterways, the government sits on its hands and does nothing.  While gas companies buy up green energy patents, only to do nothing with them, the government does nothing. While people are held without a trial and tortured in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the people in power give their stamp of approval.

Take everything that the people in Government have done, and the add the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that was going on during the 20th century. What can you “really” say about people who withhold medical treatment, and somehow justify their actions.  Even though there was a class action lawsuit, and the people bringing the lawsuit won, justice has not been done.  The people that ordered the study to be done, and ordered that medical treatment be withheld, those people should be held accountable. Where are the criminal actions against those in power? Where are the trials for crimes against humanity? Just as Georg Bush will never be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity at crimes against humanity at Guantanamo Bay, so will the people that were over the Tuskegee syphilis experiment go free.

There seems to be a disparity of how justice is dispensed in America. Criminals in government get to walk the streets – free of any legal ramifications, while the common criminals are thrown in jail for years,,, sometimes decades.

In most states knowingly spreading a disease is against the law. For people with tuberculosis that refuse their treatments, and refuse guidelines to protect the public health, they can be arrested and put in prison until they complete the required treatments. But for some reason, the people working for the government were allowed to spread a sexually transmitted disease? If the laws applied equally, the people giving the orders, and the people executing those orders should be in prison – but their not.

Why shouldn’t the people in Government be held to the same laws that govern the people? Until they are, we will not have justice.