Asian Stink bug invades North America

stink bug on tomatoNot only do we have to worry about drought, the lack of honey bees, global warming, global cooling, hurricanes, earthquakes,,,,, but now the asian stink bug has invaded the northern states.  The Baltimore Sun posted an article about the Asian stink bug invading the northern states.  Here in Texas we have the native stink bugs.  If you have a home garden and try to grown tomatoes, expect the stinkbugs to flock to your backyard by the truckload.  They use a tube to suck the juices out of the tomatoes.  As a result, the tomatoes will have a bruise on them.  Maybe there is a difference between the Asian Stinkbug and the Texas stinkbug, but I bet they do the same thing – they destroy crops.

There have been times when I went outside to water my tomatoes, sprayed the plants down with a water hose, and stinks bugs went flying everywhere.

If your having a stinkbug problem, try this fix:

Go to a local store and buy some chewing tobacco.  Get something like Red Man, and not the finer cut skoal.

Get a tube sock, put a hand full of the chewing tobacco all the way to the bottom.

Fill a pump sprayer with water.

Put the bottom of the tube sock into the pump sprayer so that the tobacco is inside the water.

Let sit for a few hours until you have a tobacco tea.

Spray the plants down with the tobacco / water solution.

This will cause most pest to stay away from your plants.

If you use something that kills the stinkbug – there is a good chance it will also kill honey bees.  Without honey bees, we have nothing to pollinate our plants, so your defeating your purpose.

I wonder whats going to happen when they reach the southern states and reap havoc on tomato growers?

Another issue, if the northern states are having such a big problem right now, whats going to happen when those bugs migrate south?  You can go to parts of central Texas, and drive for what seems to be like 100 miles and see nothing but corn crops.  The southern states produce the majority of the nations food – peaches, corn, okra, beans,,,,,, whats going to happen when a new pest is introduced into the mix.  Will the Asian stink bug replace the native stink bug?  I only wish I knew the answers to those questions.  One thing is for sure, we need to watch this issue closely.