Recommended Survival Manuals

If you were going to buy 5 books to prepare for a disaster – any disaster – which books would you buy? These books should be considered resource material, so that excludes works of fiction.

Here are some of the books I would consider:

1. The Bible – during times of stress, people often turn to their faith. Having a holy book around, can provide people with guidance and wisdom needed in stressful times. When an important decision comes up, just ask yourself, what would Jesus do? I feel that the teaching of Jesus and to love your neighbor is a reflection of mankind. Regardless of how some of us act, the majority of us feel love and compassion for our fellow man.

2. Squarefoot Gardening – few things makes us as independent as growing our own food. I’am willing to bet that most people are totally dependent on the grocery stores and fast food places for their meals. Take away those places, and most people would be like a dog at an empty food bowl – standing there whining that they do not have any food. Learning how to grow your own food breaks those bonds and sets you free.

3.  The Black Death: A Chronicle of the Plague – a powerful and riveting book that chronicles mankind during some of our darkest times. In all of recorded history, few disasters killed as many people as the Black Death, and few disasters made mankind stoop so low to survive. Stop and think for a minute, what would it be like to drive to the next town, and one a handful of people still be alive? However many people are in the town next to you, just think about all of them being dead – except for a few children that were next to the dead bodies of their parents. Well, stuff like that is what happened during the Black Death. Entire towns and families died off. Through their example, we can learn what to expect if another plague happens.

4. Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose – is the story of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the journey through the American west. There are some interesting points in this book, like the party coming across Indian villages where everyone was dead – assumed killed by small pox,,,, or some other disease. Its the story of how a few men mad their way through frontier white men had never seen before.

5. Some kind of medical and first aid book – there are a lot of medical and first aid books out there, so I can not recommend and exact book. But when it comes time to treat a wound or illness, having some kind of resource material is a good asset.

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