Wasting Food

There are few things that chap me worse then wasting food. Food is life – we have to have food to live. To waste food is to waste life.

September 19, 2010 my wife and I get up early that Sunday morning and go to wal-mart. As we are walking around the store, we turn down an isle that is mostly canned foods. Sitting on top of a stack of cans is a pizza. What is a pizza doing in a canned good isle? Its supposed to be in the frozen section. Anyway, I pick up the pizza, bring it to one of the meat displays at the end of the isle and set it on a stack of cold lunch meat. The pizza was still cold, so it should not have been spoiled.

Is this what our society has come to? That we can just waste food with little regard to where our next meal is coming from?

Another example – several months ago my family and I were having a birthday party. My wife and I decided to spend the money and buy some baby-back ribs, which are not cheap. I fired up the pit and smoked something like 4 racks of ribs. When it came time to serve the ribs, I divided them up to 1 rib per slice. We probably had 12 – 15 people over to share in the celebration.

After everyone had left, I was walking around the yard cleaning up and found a couple of ribs that had one small bite taken out of it, and then thrown on the ground. Lets just say I was not a happy camper. From the size of the bite mark, it looked like one of the kids had gotten the rib off the platter, took one bite, and then thrown it down. So who do you blame? The kid is not old enough to know how much food cost, so where is the parent?

During the same bar-be-que I saw several plates in the garbage half full of food. Some of the people there had gotten a sausage, might have taken 1 bite, and then threw it away. A couple of the plates in the garbage were loaded down with beans or potato salad.

I wonder if the guest had to pay for their food, would they still have wasted it? Or was it because the food was free to them that they were less inclined not to waste?

There have been times when my family and I have gone to Ci-Ci’s pizza, only to see other people leave plates full of food on the table.

I have been guilty of wasting food. There have been times when my family and I go to a buffet bar, and I got more then I can eat. And I feel bad about wasting that food. But for some people, wasting food does not seem to be an issue.